2x Heroes Leveling EXP

Maybe some time in the future, it will be interesting if there’s 2x EXP events, like, for a period of 24 hours when you can level up your heroes with twice the EXP effect (twice faster).

Interesting idea, but would rather have the special ability improvement % doubled.

So instead of using 4x identical heroes for 100%, you only need 2 during this period. This would probably benefit 3* heroes the most. @Rook will probably say “yay!”


I don’t like this idea. There are already players who store up hundreds or even thousands of heroes to immediately level a new hero. I think it would be bad for the game to encourage everyone to save feeder heroes for these double EXP events instead of levelling them normally.

I actually don’t like the 2x EXP idea.
But I do like @Shohoku79 's idea about some 2x special ability improvement % idea. Because this really just helps 1*, 2*, and 3* heros.
4* and 5* heros have their special usually maxed at assention level 3.