2 o 3 elemental chest

Elemental Chest, it is possible to wait and have 2 or 3 elemental chests active at the same time

Someone who knows more than I will have to answer regarding the waiting and 3-at-a-time, but I once had two show up simultaneously. I had one on my Hero chest slot, and filled my titan chest, which turned into an elemental chest as well. Maybe it is a random frequency for each chest, not overall.

In a year of playing, this has only happened once.


I believe it is random frequency for each chest, with Raid chests having a slightly higher probability than monster chests (not sure of the odds of Titan chest relative to the other two).

That being said, I never wait to start filling elemental chests as there is lost opportunity costs in doing so.

Gotta be a contender for the longest odds in the game

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