⚔ [19 Jul, 2020] - 65th Raid Tournament - 3* Rush Attack, All Elements

Day 1: 4-1
Day 2: 1-3
Didn’t buy in, also because my defense had about 7 losses in a row so it was pointless lol.

Top 75% and got a regular summon token: Nashgar

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Pretty decent rewards (also got 3 golden tokens and 10 emblems).

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I do not know why, but the defense was awesome and saved it! Loot? Not so good, three silver tokens and only 10 emblems, pretty disappointing…

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Unbelievable, how do they even allow top 1% loot to be this :hankey:? Are you facking kidding me here? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Yeah so y’all can shut up about your terrible loot, because you ain’t beating mine for terribadness. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Debatable… reset token at least better than my hidden blade … but agree, pretty bad as well …

Already have 17 so don’t really care much for them, plus they appear semi-regularly in class trials anyway. Also how often do you reset heroes and shift emblems around? Mats are way more useful especially if you’re a mid-game player like me who’s still constantly ascending heroes.

Sorry didn’t mean to be rude, just still very very salty about the loot.

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I did ok reward-wise. I received a ETT, 20 Sorcerer emblems, 2 daily tokens, a warm cape and a reset. No great, but not total bad


Rank: 3397, top 1%

The loot sucks !! no mats, no reset token, no golden summon token. Worse loot ever !!

Final Result

Defense: Hawkmoon - Ulmer - Shrubear - Oberon - Arman

ATK: 20-5
DEF: 1-3 (Grade E)
Rank: Top 5%

Defense is not so great, I think I should use Gunnar as tank next time.


2020-07-25 19.37.26
AM are welcome, ETT: rare troop.

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Main finished 20/5 offense and 38/20 AAAAA defense. Top 1%. 2 losses offensively my fault. First, I didn’t change Tyrum out of costume and didn’t have a debuffer and the 2nd was board play. Used a diamond when 3 tiles would have charged 3 of my heroes then could havd used the diamond next turn. I did cripple the opponent only to watch them heal back up snd defeat me.

Alt went 12/4 offense and 7/3 defense AAAAA. Top 10%


I’m happy with my results. 75 gems spent. 20 emblems. 3 ett. Ranked top 1%. Actual rank 2220.


Day 5

Lost 2 again…1 loss to much for top 1%…soo close…well at least fun…loot a bit below average


18/7 on attack, 10/2 on defense. Top 1% and halfway decent reward this time.
I think someone at SG forgot to flip off the Warm Cape switch on my account though.



Final rank was top 5% and rewards were disappointing, as usual:

Screenshot_20200725-132558716 (1)

Defense team used:

Defense team performance:

  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 2
  • Grades: C (no attack), A, A, A, A

Final Results

Had a busy weekend so don’t have full information:

Offence: 20 Wins, 5 loss (paid continue on D4).

Defence: 4 Wins, 2 Loss (66%). Grades A, A, A, A, A

End Result:
Tier = Top 1%
Rank = 8707
Score = 14,426


1x Hidden Blade
10x Druid Emblems
2x ETT
5x Valhalla Coins
(Still never gotten a 4* AM… :face_vomiting:)


Here’s the defenses of the top 10 finishers for future reference.


Lots of emblems @Randy @rho! :joy:

Forgot about setting up my team and AI made some stupid randpom team - finished with A note for defence xD

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Little late but some of my Tournament hits :slight_smile:

More: 🎭 Guvs YouTube Videos / Channel


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