13* Titan with low rates of good rewards

We already killed a titan with 13* and obviously as we expected, we got poor rewards. (remember: our category of loot is XIII to XV)

17 members expressed their rewards with low loot. Here we go:

  • 17x4 (each member won 4 slot for ascension item)= 68 slot and we go only 13 ascension non farmable (3*) and only two 4* ascension.
  • 17x1 (each member has 1 slot for possible token)= 3 troop token only.

Do you really think this game is balanced to compensate effort?

Why don’t you publish rates/probabilities of each slot per categories? We play this game for long time and always make sad with those loots =S


We have killed our 13* about 13 hours ago
Most of us got 3* non- farmable ascension materials
For me i got Hidden blade
Few of us got 4* mats
And one of us got … will i will just show u

So i guess we took ur alliance luck :rofl:


actually one of my member got 2 4* ascension too…
but he is the only in entire ally… that is the problem… this game has too low ratio of good loot.

that is why diamond is so full of 4400 tp…lack of loot.


Lol here we go, they’re gonna get removed again :joy::joy:


So, assuming those who didn’t participate in your survey got loot at the same rate, over the course of a week of killing 13 star titans you would get 25 4* ascension items, and 161 3* ascension items.

Taking into account how SG values ascension mats/gems in deals (500g for 3* and 1000g for 4*) that is 25,000 gems worth of 4 star mats and 80,500 gems worth of 3 star mats for a total of 105,500 gems a week for your alliance. Or just over $1000 a week of worth of gems.

Doesn’t sound that awful really.

EDIT: Didn’t mean to reply to Bud


Got it.

All twenty characters worth

Not too hard to buy/earn enough mats and heroes over 18 months for a strong D. But strong D doesn’t mean depth, obviously. And that’s where the frustration of the sh*t loot comes in… at least for me.


I cannot really make a judgement until we’ve seen more than a single 13*. My luck has been good, as I received a D-blade for B-level performance. I’m sure people are already beginning to compile the data on it.

Your lack of depth is in 5* heroes but not in 4*s would be my guess.

I am not expecting higher level titans to have better loot than we are used to. Only difference if I got it right, is that B scores have 4 rolls on ascension items, that for 12* titans was only on rare. I take that extra roll, but I know that on most titans, it is for ropes and daggers


I have got more 4* ascensions items from daily chests than 12* titans unfortunately. I sure would like top level titans to be more worth the effort regarding both heroes (emblems,troops ) and items used :thinking:

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the problem of this high ranked titan is, you need more power and items to defeat for slightly increased loot chance…
I mean… is not balanced… 13* titan has no good cost/-benefit as 9* titan for example.

Wow, 15 ascension items out of 68 slots seems very high to me.

I’m one of those rare cases where I have the mats but not the heroes I want to use them on… 4s? Sure. Plenty. Doesn’t mean that I don’t get frustrated chest after chest, titan after titan with nothing but feathers to show for my contribution.

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Same for me. And the chests aren’t really generous either… I get maybe 1 4* am/month outside of quests. Have a long line of heroes waiting at 3.70 and don’t really see any point in making pulls for now. Stopped spending a month ago.

It’s frustrating having more 5* at 3/70 then 4/80 for sure. It’s going to be even more frustrating trying to convince 30 people to keep putting in the effort to string 13-14* titans. But, some f-Ing bozo with zero to little effort is going to get some ■■■ mats from the 2* tourney… go figure


Yup. Should just remove 13* and 14* from the game again.

You whales seem most happiest just killing 12* over and over and over.

This is why you can’t have nice things…


Obviously you don’t get competitive play. It’s no big deal for casual guilds to let titans go or not care. Competitive guilds have to string the top titans to keep their rankings and attract members. So yeah, effort should be rewarded… doesn’t have to be super generous but shouldn’t be so stingy to the point where you can’t see progress at all. Has nothing to do with how much money you spend/ don’t spend has to do with playing the competitive aspect of the game. If SG wants to keep that they really should reconsider the reward system for these titans.


They should remove them before @Rigs gets one lol, sorry had to lol