1285+ Bees - merge opportunity

1285+ Bees was formed by a small band of renegades that broke away from their stale previous alliance to start a more active clan. We forged a fellowship with 3 other like-minded splinter groups, absorbed several roaming lone wolves, and emerged as a sturdy army of fearsome fighters helping each other succeed.

This is a chill alliance of real people with real lives that don’t want to treat the game as a second job. This means that you don’t need a third-party messaging app, you won’t be told who or when to attack in wars, and you don’t need to work your way up through a family of alliances telling you how to play. We’re just a friendly group who likes to play E&P with other people who like to play E&P.

We are chill but we are not slackers. We play daily, we kill titans, we get excited about wars, and we have fun doing it. Beyond the basics, our main requirements are to be active in group battles (or let us know if you can’t) and be respectful of your teammates.

Trophies: 1200 (Player Level 30+ Recommended)
Wars: Optional, use all flags if you’re in
Titans: Required, every point counts. Killing all 10*, some 11*’s, and no matter what, all rare titans die.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you soon!


Maybe add what level of titans you’re fighting?

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Good call - thanks for reaching out!

The legend returns? Not seen you post in forever

lololol. I wandered back in a couple months back. I never meant to disappear entirely, but Life had other plans for me. I do admit I was a bit surprised when I realized how long it had been since I was in-game or in the forum regularly.

How did your last war go? We SMASHED our opponents! Come join our successful, yet chill, alliance! 10 openings currently…

Why wait? Come join the Bees for a team-first Alliance Quest!

We have 11 spots open - would love to merge with another alliance!

Super nice group of people! I can definitely recommend them!

Would you be interested in a merger? Discord: pat_b1