126th pull in ha10 in my accounts

126 season 1 retreads…i am in even worse shape now than when this ha10 debacle started - come on e and p i thought ha 10 was supposed to solve this problem ! Every pull i feel like charlie brown getting ready to kick the football Lucy is holding


HA is not even out for 2 years, how can you had more than 100 pulls of HA10? Multiple accounts?

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Speed up with gems maybe? I had the same thought when I first read it.

This is why I consider HA 10 a bad gamble and a lost opportunity to use the 2nd option of the HA for something more useful. Every 7 days of retraining translates into something lost - be it a significant troop feeder xp or trainer/ 2* hero xp.

That is indeed bad look and you have my sincere sympathy.
However, I can’t complain myself.
I got Vela, Kong, Vela (#2) and then Alasie from HA10.
Now I would like the costume for both Sartana and Leonidas


Once you reach end game it’s just something to do with your food that’s interesting


126 lol. Right. and Im a flying spiderpig

I feel for the OP. If it were me, I probably couldn’t continue running HA10…

Luckily, I’m pretty good with my HA10 so far - Alby, and Sartana Costume (#3). I think a dupe costume is better than a classic S1, and Alby is a game changer for me. :heart_eyes:

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Yeah I’ve been lucky too. I don’t see it as the Homy Grail answer to a Dupe problem but more as an upscale TC20. I know many wanted it to be that solution but I never saw it like that. It’s just another gamble in a game full of gambles.

But I think they’ve thrown gens at it as well and that is something I’d just never do.

The OP says “in my Accounts” = guess across multiple E&P accounts !

Eitherway HA10 so far seems more of a scam with poor non-S1 % output like summons wherein some players get better odds (more than 5%) while some less than 5% = RnG logic !

I try it once in a while when I don’t see heroes to level up so stoP making trainers & do a HA10 once in a while… while 3* troops in invaluable = non stop production !

4 HA10s = only S1 dupes.

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I agree, if you actually reach the endgame, then yes of course, run HA 10. However way too many people walk around with underleveled troops and complain about HA 10 not giving them anything for months…instead of focusing on feeder troop production until they have good troops and then start running HA 10 - now that is endgame.

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I just ask for confirmation, don’t think I don’t know what “s” means. I would like to know how many though, even 2 accounts seems impossible for 126 without using gems.

I got Ares, Poseidon, Frida, and Natalya in just 1 account.

The probability of not getting any non-S1 in 126 retrainings is 0.156%. It means on average, if there are 641 players who have retrained 126 times, there will be 1 who do not get any non-S1. It seems the OP is the unlucky 1 out of 641 players.

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LoL, I don’t doubt your abilities… (it was just clarification, nothing more !)

Congrats on damn good receipts from HA10 !

Atlantis gave me Frida early last year & today might not level up the other 3 mentioned…
how times / situations change, coz would have loved to have them a year before !
Funny game !

I feel it must be 3 or more accounts… whether self, family, or some group of people… anything possible !

It’s not really though for the same number of recruits you’d get two 3star troops which once your troops are higher than lvl 17 or so those two troops won’t make that much difference to the xp of levelling up and if you are stockpiling troops through that you are going to use the equivalent in ham for them levelling anyway. Once you get an established roster of 3s and 4s and are working on 5s its a good way of trying to get better than the S1 dupes that constantly comes out of TC20. A once a week cost of 300 recruits and the ham is very manageable if you plan accordingly. Not worth running in a vacuum, but if you manage your resources properly it shouldn’t be ignored either. It’s actually more worthwhile when you aren’t fully endgame and still missing a lot of different S1/atlantis/ old Hotm.

Anyway, back on topic, that’s pretty bad luck, but I don’t think it’d be completely outwith the realms of possibility. What might be interesting is how many times in each account you got a hero that the account didn’t have (of course if you have over 90% of the S1 heroes in each account it’s very likely you will continue to get dupes.


LoL, you said it… exactly, what I have done. Every 3* troop is invaluable, especially the free fellows.

Have got one set of manaTs to L23 & 2nd set to L17 is on the way, while 3rd set is at L11. Got all colour ninjas to L10 & crits to L6 = Gives me good fire power to play the game instead of many heroes sitting to level up…

But, I plan my trainer fellows viz TC inventory… which helps me manage 5* levelling… & free the use of HA10 for few weeks… to tryout luck !

HA for me … 6 months and I got nothing… Since costume event popped up I have done all missions got all the keys got no 5* costume it’s a shame… Thousand of heroes waiting in training camps…

Forget about retrains, make your HA full troop farm.
Took me 35 retrains (weeks) to realize that HA10 is total waste of time. I didnt even get one Khagan or Joon out of 35 pulls rofl.
Generating lvl2 troops at least feels like getting anything back.

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With radish earrings, I assume…

One of my alliance mates shared his retrains. As a result of his retrains, I stopped my HA at 7, and just do trainer heroes and troops. At least that way I’m guaranteed something useful :grin:


Its 3 accounts …20 char