⚔ [12 Nov 2023] - 238th Raid Tournament - 3* Rush Attack, No Holy/ Yellow

Yikes :pensive: extra glad I bought back into this one now hearing this. I usually look at the calendar myself to plan ahead, but didn’t get a chance to. Well, fingers crossed anyway. :crossed_fingers:Sometimes I surprise myself!


O : 20-4

D : 74.6%

Lose in 24th attack. But defense give me enough score to stay in top 1000.

Good top 1% loot with 5* aether.


Great job again, and you seems to got hidden blade very easily :grin: From our last discussion, I got 6-7 new 3* AM from titans, this tourney loot, asc. summon, PoV (mega) chest, elemental chest

None of them is Hidden Blade :sweat_smile:

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Hope you one before the new year.

20 Hidden Blade :rofl:

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Got 95th with 23-2. Plus my defense was A in the first 2 days and B in the last 3 days of tourney. Good rewards. I’ll see you all the next 3* event.


Defenses of the top 10 finishers