1.10.3/1.10.4 Update & Alliance Wars Status (16 Mar)

Status (16Mar)

  • Fixed issues with Alliances removing their defense teams while the war is active.
  • Any players who remove their team will become a spectator and will not receive any rewards
  • If the whole alliance removes their defense teams it will trigger an immediate defeat
  • Players below the war level requirement are removed from the battlefield when the war starts
  • Minimum alliance score to participate in the war raised to 3250
  • Minor adjustments to war loot

Status (12 Mar) We have now rolled out the update 1.10.4 for both Android & iOS. Please update your game! We’ll be continuing with the wars this week!
Status (9 Mar): We have now started rolling out the update 1.10.3. There is no Alliance War for this weekend due to the update. The wars will continue next week!

Release Notes (1.10.4)

This update includes various bug fixes and smaller improvements.

Alliance Wars

  • Preview how many points can be obtained when defeating a team.
  • Players can only participate in the war if they were in the alliance before the preparation phase started.
  • Immediate revival when all the alliance teams are defeated
  • Player level required to participate changed to 12