⚔ [09 Jan, 2022] - 142th Raid Tournament - 5* Rush Attack, No Holy/ Yellow

It is recoverable sometimes, but I agree it is a super uphill climb and you have to have the heroes and the board at that stage to make the comeback.

The key is to give yourself an option to get an opening match in as many colors as possible, and 3 seems to be pretty doable most of the time.

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When people started with the Treevil “fun”, I was laughing a bit. Well tournament ended for me today… and yes, got wiped out by trees. Yep. Alfrike as tank, Treevils as flanks, cMoNo and Heimdall as wings.

No, it’s not a joke. If Treevil fires, it’s game over. And he will fire.

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Somehow survived Day 3 of the tournament with 5 wins. It helps that only faced one Alfrike in the wing, though it wasn’t an easy team by any means

Defense was E-E and barely above it at the moment, so still one strike away from the end

Day Offense Defense Score Def Score Total
1 4-1 1-3 (E) 3035 200 3235
2 7-3 3-8 (E) 5565 200 5765
3 12-3 4-9 (D) 9475 9475

Good luck everyone!


I’m out at 11-4. Lost my last match facing hero who must not be named (Treevil). It’s a joke that anyone would put a 3* in a 5* raid. That shows you how broken that hero is. You don’t even see 4* heros in 5* raids.

Defense is E as expected. Currently Top 5%. Probably be Top 25% by tournament end.

Good luck to everyone (except those who play you know who). You can all lose :rofl:


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First 2 days I wasn’t in alfrike territory and went 10-0.

Today was different: 2 alfrike tanks, lost both. Guess I should go mono, as I lack killingpower against those 85/+20 monsters. Did manage to win one with an alfrike wing

Defense is bad after 2 days at 0-2 (E) it’s up to 1-2 (D). However, I have zero expectations, probably out tomorrow.

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I have both Franz and Tree in almost all of my raids.

In the past I have used LB Shrubby who works as a decent taunter. I’ve also played with 5* heroes at 3/70 which have roughly equivalent stats to a maxed/LB 3*.

Most of the healers I use are also 4*.

If talking defense then yes it is more rare to see 4*s although Guilli often gets an appearance for me during rush defenses, and now Luigi, Ferand and Tree are staples of my every-day defense

4-1 on day 4. 4 alfrike tanks of which i won 3.

The last 2 were pretty exciting battles with ludwig and alfrike and the last also having a 2nd alfrike. I actually love facing off against ludwig because my lord loki ecomes a mega taunter and mana generator, almost always giving me the advantage

Overall offense 17-3. Predicting 1 win tomorrow then a loss, and a decision on whether to buy in or not.

My 4.1k tp team is holding an 81.8% win rate (9/11)

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Got 5 out of 5 Alfrike tanks today, managed to take down two, the rest ended the tournament for me. See no point to continue as it will be Alfrike all the way :stuck_out_tongue: Will probably remain in top 10 because of the defense, which is fine.


Brought a 12-3 record with EED defense into Day 4 and the matchmaker decided to pair me with a team in the top 300 :sweat_smile:

Won that and the reward was this ‘weaker’ opponent

Big zero and no point in going on

Good luck everyone still playing


Trees still annoying people. :joy:

No the laugh emoji is unfair…I genuinely feel bad for anyone getting me and losing.


Close. Lost on my first one.

I probably would stayed in top 1% but i bought back in because i enjoy playing these. Won the last 4 to end up 21-4 on offense. mainly alfrike tanks with one hannah and one ludwig/alfrike combo.

Defense is at 83.3% win rate

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Well, went better then expected. Yesterday was 4-1, and today as well, losing the last match against alfrike:

So, end score is 21-4. However, my defense is bad with EEDEE, keeping me just out of the top1; but I’m satisfied with top5 .

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That tournament went as well as expected… 13-4 attack, EEDDE defense

No Aethers but at least Ludwig can use the emblems once he’s done in a couple of weeks. See you all next week

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Attack 17-4 (I made a mistake yesterday, all mine, could be better) with this team all along (and it crushed numerous 4800+ TP teams as well):

Defense A B A A A:

Loot - actually extremely happy, three needed small 3* aethers and useful monk emblems, and the shield is nice as well:


It’s been a while since i post result for tournament. My last 5* bloody battle tourney was my best 5* tournament resulting in rank 12xx. This tournament I ended probably very close on the edge of top 1%, with rank 7511. No shiny new events or S3/S4 5* heroes in my roster, majority of my 5* roster are HOTMs, so I think I did relatively well. Of course I used some of my 4* heroes relatively often, mainly my LB Proteus and CB Rigard. Don’t know why I didn’t try using my 3* LB Treevil for the hell of it, but maybe next time!

Points :

Defense team :

Offense results : 18:7 (4-1, 4-1, 3-2, 3-2, 4-1) I bought back in because of good defense results.
Didn’t face too much Alfrike tanks, lost against 2 Alfrike tank teams and won against 4 Alfrike tank teams. If there was too much Alfrike, results wouldn’t be that good :laughing:.

Defense results : 9-6 (A,A,A,A,A) It was 9-3 before last day and I almost god kicked of A grade on last day, but thankfully it stayed at 60%.

Loot : very meh. After all these years I got no 4* mat from tournament, only 1 gold token, no 5* aether and in a very long time no 100 emblems for top 1%.


Can somebody count the Alfrike and resurrects in the top100 defenses?

I have started but I have allergic reaction to Purple…

Was out wednesday. Def E-E-E-D-D (tank Kunchen)

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My battles on the last day may have finally broken me - I needed 50 minutes to finish 5 flags. That practically means I went to overtime every time. :joy:

This battle was the last one: final minute, of course MN will bring them all back and my time has run out. :man_shrugging:

Without Alfrike and some other must have heros, making a good offense and defense team is becoming increasingly difficult. Whatever team I bring out there are boards you know you can’t win just by looking at them.


I have been saying that raids should not be determined by 5-10 “must have” heroes. It should be based on team synergy. Right now too many raids are based on whether you got a certain hero in your line up

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