⚔ [02 May, 2021] - 106th Raid Tournament - 3* Rush Attack, No Holy/ Yellow

@Slobix @b4sh1n Yes, I have experience of having only +0 3* and have some +20 3*. It look like the system pick opponent base on your 3* roster and opponent’s team power. If you have many +20 3*, you will face 2800+ power team in your first attack in day 1. But if you don’t have only +0 3*, you will face all +0 3* defense in your very first attack. However, in the later day, it look like the system will pick opponent base on tier (top 1%, top 5%, etc.) rather your 3* roster and opponent’s team power.

To compensate for my nice E defense, I have to keep on winning to make top 1%.

So far so good, day 3, 5-0. For a total of 15-0.

Good luck on day 3 everyone!



Offense : 5-0 (14-1) a good day
Defense : 0-0 (0-1) E-E … :cold_face: I am waiting desperately for one more attack :sweat_smile:

Good luck everyone.


Day 3:
O: 4-1 (12-3)
D: 3-3 (B B)

My scores say it all: in this tourney I’m all about being average. Oh well, it’s not the worst thing to be, I guess. :slight_smile:

Lost against mono purple team today, and I believe it’s the first time ever. I have always found those mono defences very easy, but this time obviously not. :wink:

This Vlad hits really hard. :slight_smile:


Can’t see a vlad, you mean edd right, RIGHT? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Vlad hits like a joke


There is no Vlad in that team :smile:



Yup, I don’t have any of them. 0 Halloween heros even though I tried. :joy:

Edit: I’m such a liar! Was lucky enough to get Jack. But Edd, Vlad, whatever… :joy:


Finally got some luck on Day 3 and won all 5 matches. Same lineup as yesterday Helo - Nordri - Chick Jr - Bauchan - Belith+CB

Toughest match was against this team

Took out Bjorn and Gill-ra quickly but cBelith, Gunnar, and Shrubby are tough to break down. Had to keep checking the turns left before their specials wore off. Went into overtime and sudden death before manage to kill cBelith with tiles.

Defense has been B-D and currently D (3-7) so will need the offense to keep scoring points.

Good luck to those still in the running


Well, so far so good , 3-0 on offense, defense is at 4-0. No more concentration for the last 2 attacks. Will do them tomorrow morning.

Seeing a lot of the new S4 heroes.

So far my opinion:
Morris: ignorable. Gives a ghosthole, and the manablock is short enough to ignore, as is his damage.
Vollermork: totally ignorable. Fiends are quickly healed away.
Helo: blue mini-rigard. Very good. Lost my only match (so far) with him tanking
Gramps: very dangerous, but falls quickly to my 3hero red stack. However, can totally cost you a match.

So 2 very good/strong and 2 weak.

In offense, first match starts badly, but turns in time to finish before timeout. Other matches also bad start, but they quickly turned around.


DAY 3:

W: 11
L: 4

I broke my promise of not using gems to go on… AGAIN!!! :see_no_evil::speak_no_evil::upside_down_face::pray:t4:

I’ve been reading the results that all of you got today and, calculating, I saw that I could reach more or less the same score.

Thanks everybody for sharing your results, really. :hugs:

@u2371 I followed your advice about using c. Oberon and he’s a beast. That poison damage maybe doesn’t kill instantly, but it’s a slow death. Besides, knowing (just now) that everybody charge fast, I changed my strategy and I took Gunnar CB (with two healers). Maybe such a passive team, but hard to defeat.

The defense team is at 7:2 (AA).

Good luck and take care. :wink:


Day 3
O: 3-2 (11-4)
D: 1-1 (6-6)

Both losses due to cascades that caused the entire damn defense to fire at me, with the AI also getting lucky and killing my key heroes.

I am now pissed off enough about this ■■■■■■■■ that I may actually start embalming my 3* heroes. Let’s fight on equal footing instead me taking a +0 team to a +100 team and lets see how well your defense holds up then hmph! :rage:


bloop! i was out on the first battle today, 3 reds and two purples, stacked blue like i usually do against purples anyway. what do i get? a board full of red and yellow tiles. by the time i could clear the board out and get something halfway decent their team had all fired twice, and it was basically already over. really wish i’d brought cHawkmoon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

so that puts me at just 11-4. interestingly, my defense picked up 4 wins today to bring me to 5-6, grade C. i guess it wasn’t so terrible after all.

oh well. good luck to those still in it! see you next week…


Welcome to the dark side! :joy::metal:
Well, see what are your key/favourite 3* heros, maybe start with them… It’s not a 100% win (at least for me), but it is different knowing you might have a little more time to turn the battle around. :slight_smile:


Last 2 attacks, lost the last one. My favourite red/blue, but the board had no blues to charge my cgunnar, so I couldn’t flip gunnar tank. Very few reds either, and all the off colour just kept charging them. Oh well, at 13-2, I still have a good chance to end in top1.


Day 3

O : 3-2 (12-3)

It is very bad board today. It is heavy purple and yellow in all 5 attack. This is opponent of my 2 lose.

I think this is one of the best possible defense team, Revive + Mana Cut + Lower attack + Heal + Mana Suck. Combo with bad board, there is no chance for me to kill any heroes.

I should win this if I doesn’t try to kill them with tile. The board start with good amount blue tile and allow me to kill Left Sudri, C Gunnar and C Carver. Then there are yellow and purple diamond, the board full of yellow and purple tile and there is 2 blue tile in front of right Sudri. So, I click one of the diamond which cascade will active the second diamond. It turn out that the board is full of red, only 3-4 blue tile appear on the left side and both C Ulmer and Sudri fire. Sudri’s bypass kill my C Hawkmoon :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: (That is why I hate Sudri. Because of share damage, when Sudri’s bypass one heroes, that heroes will receive +20% more damage which is enough to kill that heroes.). After that, the board is full of red tile no matter how many red tile I clear until both C Ulmer and Sudri fire again.

D : 4-5

I think my defense doesn’t have enough fire power. Let see what will happen when I max C Oberon and C Renfeld.

@Silencio Yes, I think his DoT damage is as powerful as Sudri. Passive attack team, two healer + share damage work but you beware C Oberon, Sudri and C Renfeld. These are 3 heroes that can kill the passive attack team even with moderate board. After I think again, use 1 HoT (C Belith or C Hawkmoon) and normal healer (Grevle, Helo, Frosty) is better. Normal healer will counter big damage and HoT will counter small damage in every turn and fiend.


DAY 4:

W: 16
L: 4

The feelings in this tournament are going up and down. Happiness, sadness, astonishment, anger, … :partying_face::slightly_frowning_face::astonished::triumph:

I went with the same team as yesterday: Belith/ c. Jahangir/ c. Oberon/ Gunnar CB/ Helo (c. Hawkmoon in the first battle).

Luckily, Kramps just revived once of the three times he used his special, and the last battle was the most difficult one, although the first time Sudri released his special, a red diamond was formed and exploded by chance after a cascade and his attack was weak.
I forgot to mention again that c. Renfeld is a completely nightmare. It’s really hard to avoid that he charges again and again when he has his “fangs” in my whole team.

The defense team got 2:0 to make a total of 8:2, so an A again.

Good luck and take care. :wink:


Day 4:

O: 4-1 (16-4)
D: 7-3 (B B A)

As much as I would like to blame the board for today’s loss, it was my tactical error. Wanted to destroy them with Sudri and red tiles on the board (with Ulmer’s defence down already in place), BUT, I was one move too late. So, defending Sudri destroyed me instead. Simple. :joy:

In last couple of days I definitely rely more on brute force and slow AoE heros. And it feels good not to be involved in some game of attrition.


So far 2 losses. Schrubbear is my main MVP in this tourney.

12 defences so far (7-5) - first half was solid A now have fallen to B


Day 4, I got my first loss… totally unexpected.

Against a team I did not fear at all.

Zero healers, so I thought I’d just wear them down with my big healers. Brought C Renfeld, Frosty, Grevle, C Hawkmoon ( since she is charged in 2 matches ) and Bauchan.

But the board was littered with yellows, and the board was so dry I could only make like 1 move at a time at the bottom corner of the board somewhere. Was hoping for a reshuffle but every time a tile came up that made another pointless move available.

I always hate it when you desperately look for that reshuffle, but the game is like: ‘Nope, not gonna happen bro!’

Defense is sliding down deeper and deeper into the E zone.

Didn’t think my defense was that bad. Sure, not the best, but a big fat E throughout? Unexpected.

Well… can still get top 1% if I keep winning, but it’s going to be tough for sure.

Good luck everyone!


Another 4-1 day. The one loss was frustrating as I missed firing Chick Jr early in the match that could have made the difference. The enemy Bauchan cut his mana and he never got the chance to fire again.

That loss was my 4th but it was early enough in the day that I bought back in. Won the next 2 and sitting at a 16-4 record. Defense was an E yesterday after B, D in the first 2 days. One win today and it’s back at D (4-8)

Good luck on the last day!


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