Hey there,

My rl job is at a university in the UK.

I started playing E&P during April 2018 and still active today. I particularly enjoy developing my heroes and using them in different team formations. I’m a member of Xtreme Training Cubs, we’re an open alliance always happy to welcome new members to the Xtreme family.

My current maxed heroes includes 12x5*, 33x4* and 30x3*. I am currently working on 5* Margaret, 3* Jarvur, 4* Scarlett, 5* Sartana and 3* Kvasir. I also have plenty of 5* heroes at 3.70 waiting for ascension materials some include Aegir, Frigg, Jean-Francois, Domitia, Joon and Isarnia. Some of my other 5* waiting to be started include Anzogh, Quintus+costume, Guardian Kong, Noor, Thorne, and Elena.

If anyone would like to discuss any aspect of E&P do let me know.

All the best.

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