I personally don’t know what is going on with Zynga/Small Giant other than they are making the game empires and puzzles no fun anymore with so many updates, new heroes, challenges and so on.

It’s as if they are truly trying to push everyone to leave or making it so free to play isn’t worth the effort anymore. A lot of people complain about how strong the newer heroes are and how hard it is to get newer heroes to be able to stand a chance in raids, challenges and wars because of the people who will drop loads of money to get the newer hero and everything to level up and fully ascend them!

But does Zynga/small giant listen or care what their gamers truly think or suggest NO they don’t, they’re all about making the money everyone freely gives them! That’s it nothing more nothing less except they are making the game no fun anymore. Sone people who drop the money to gain the new heroes will disagree while others will agree with this and zynga/small giant sit back and laugh at us gor even thinking we have a voice or say in the matter. Costume and other event pulls a lot of people are only getting 3* duplicate of heroes and possibly 4* from time to time we scrape to ascend we scrape to get gems we scrape to save to get to our favorite event to hopefully get a good hero some do A LOT don’t. But yet they still bombard us with wanting money and limit us on what we can actually accumulate from game or training camp 20, Hero Academy and so on instead of lowering the time in which to level what we have, what we get in said quest and so forth, they need to light up and redo the “chances” on the draws and everything so everyone is a winner but will they do that or un nerf heros they nerfed in the past so they can be as strong as new heroes NO they on care about money and forcing people into pay to play or buy items or you have to wait forever to be able to level up a hero.
But what do i know im a free to play player who occasionally buys cheap gems to try get a newer hero only to get a sorry duplicate abd a waste of money. Troops OMG hard to level can’t farm them like somethings but once you reach level 25 stronghold level basically every thing abd advance buildings etc you can get a Hero academy to which you can train troops at gods awful cost!
But A LOT of gamers are sick of it and the game is getting to where it’s no longer fun its more a chore then anything else and people are leaving because of it.


Yes, all true. But this is a trend that has been going on for years. Players come and go. But you aren’t forced to spend unless you succumb to peer pressure.

SG is not a charity or a non-profit organization. Like any other business, of course they care about money. That should be a given. I really don’t understand why that shocks so many people. I mean really, is Wal-Mart’s corporate behaviour that much better?

If f2p why does it matter that the spenders get shiny new heroes? I can still make microcosmic improvements to my team without spending and I haven’t started going backwards yet. I too will quit eventually when the game becomes “just a chore”.


我在意的是我抽了那么多的新英雄卡 最尴尬的是没有升级材料怎么办 泰坦箱子十分垃圾

If people are still spending money doesn’t that say more than the number of posts on this forum?


I love this game! Always have


spending money isn’t problem this game, real problem is their horrible “pure” RNG and f… odds to get something worth

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So very true.
I think a lot of people see this game as an actual way to rule the world. :rofl:
And so many of them have the Wallet to do so.

It leaves me with two simple decisions.

Get completely caught up and angry with the way things seem to be changing.

Or to see this for what it really is and that’s a game. I’ve made good friends here and I love the folks in my alliance.

After four years I am still having fun.

Sometimes it’s all just a state of mind.

Hey all of you have a great weekend and good luck in war.

Yarr !!!


I was checking the Top Grossing Games in Google play store, and see EnP at 6 and trending high. If I was developer, don’t see why I will no do what they doing currently.


I just checked this after seeing your post, and my google playstore is showing E&P at number 18 for top grossing.

These posts have been made for years.
The onslaught of “improvements” has hastened, not dwindled.
It’s sad, but until the game dies off in a big way nothing will change. Even then itll only get worse as one last cash grab will be attempted.
There will be a “jump the shark” moment. When it comes I don’t know, but it will happen and the game will die.
Zynga/SG will not care and will walk with their coffers full, long time players will be left holding the bag, thinking of what could have been.

The whole “they aren’t a charity” is a tired line. This is one of the most predatory gacha games on the market, period. Full stop. I play other gacha games and many of them are quite generous and have lasted over a year or two already. There is absolutely no reason SG coulsnt be more accommodating to their player base. NONE. It’s been done just fine with other games. I PLAY THEM, THEY EXIST. Sunk cost fallacy keeps me here along with my amazing alliance. THIS GAME AND THE DEVELOPERS ARE AWFUL TO THE PLAYER BASE. Stop spending, and caring so much, like I did, or quit, and you’ll be fine.


So is the whole “we deserve better”. As long as players keep spending SG will keep offering them more to spend on. It’s like Catch 22 (which was upgraded from Catch 18).


For the love of jeebus, how many of these posts do we have to see pop up.

Mobile games go through a life cycle, start strong, attract a good player base that spends consistently more.
Once you have a top tier group(whales)that all new players will look up too you can do a holding pattern for a year or two.
Come year four or five you need to try and sell your game for top value which means pumping out a ton of new stuff so people spend a butt load this increasing your value.

Once you sell it, the likely hood of new content by the new owners is very small , meaning whatever content we have at the final sale point is probably the only content we will ever see again.

Spend, dont spend… do what you feel like.

90 percent of mobile games do not continue to add new content much past year 6 or 7.

*disclaimer… I don’t actually have facts to back up any numbers I threw in here, my wife has some dumb show on so I thought I’d ramble.


Hence, why I stopped spending.
Both may be tired, but one is borne out of a place of good intention for improvement, while one simply asserts the status quo is ok.
It’s not. And that’s why some ppl who used to spend(myself included) no longer do. I dont understand the defense of SG/Zynga and I never will. I will continue to point out their clear short comings that screw the player base in a vain effort to sway some from stopping or tapering down their spending.
They used to gross much more. Slowly but surely that number is dwindling. But there’s no correlation, right?

I think we can agree to disagree on this one lol.

I still see EnP at 8th spot.

I never started spending. I saw from day one that spending was a deep dark endless pit of despair. I just seem to have different expectations from the game than most here.

I’m not tech savvy, so I’m not sure if there is an obvious reason they are different? I don’t know if it matters, but I don’t use an iPhone.

Maybe the list is specific to the region.

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I believe it may be how you have it sorted ie:
Top grossing/all games

Top grossing/puzzles

Be kind to each other :two_hearts:


I have no idea. Android seems to depend on the options you pick. For me (Australia) it is the top 3 highest grossing. Apple game center seems a little useless and doesn’t provide stats of any meaningful kind.

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