Zynga shut down 11 games thus far

They are gonna run this game into the ground. There is a video on YouTube by empire and puzzles books about the real number of active players and its decreasing rapidly. How long before this game is considered non profitable and shut down? I fear in a year or two this game will no longer exist


I don’t expect the game to be around forever. No idea if I’ll leave it or it’ll leave me. I’ve been playing about three years and haven’t seen any signs that it is in decay but I’m no expert.

I looked at the article in your screenshot and it is from 2012. I think that points to the nature of game cycles more than anything else.

I would be surprised if Zynga has plans to shut it down anytime soon as they haven’t even finished paying for the acquisition of SGG.

Edited to add link to a post with much more info and insight!


Not really a positive post :-1: this game will be around for a long time yet.

How many of those games have a big online following like this one and stupid people wasting money on them?


The advertising is so light I doubt it would survive long without paying customers. Most F2P games rely on a lot more advert content.

I’m not going down a rabbit hole tonight

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It’s not truly negative, I don’t want it to get shut down but think they’ll milk it until it no longer profitable!

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Not soon but maybe in a few years and why invest in something that isn’t gonna last

I cannot like your post.

However, thank you for the information. I suppose most mobile games have a limited shelf life, but I would like to see the game continue for many years.


Kinda seems like they are going down and just dumping everything they had plans for in hopes of maximizing enough profits before closing doors. Like anchor said today, they could just being doing massive hero dumps because it’s the end of year and want those profits, but i does seem like they are just dumping everything in a short period of time. Who knows.

Looks like they list 94 games

So they’ve shut down a bit more than 10%

They’ve shut down less than one game a year on average

Words with friends is still alive and had its most profitable quarter ever. I thought that game died in 2012.

Pretty sure some of the shutdowns are related to flash player.

This game and zynga aren’t going anywhere any time soon.


Small Giant’s final payment from Zynga is in December. It is based on the most recent quarter’s performance. This is all public record.

Clearly SGG has a HUGE incentive to maximize revenues so that the staff maximizes their multi-million dollar bonuses. After this quarter, Zynga will have a huge incentive to keep the game that they just paid over $500,000,000 USD for going as long as possible.


Your battery is getting low! Charge your phone!:grinning:

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This article is over 10 years old,


:joy: and don’t forget to check the voicemail.

Ye, i agree with the majority on here, Zynga isn’t about complete a 1billlion buyout just to close it down.

But i think they are being screwed by SGG without knowing it… SGG have dumped heroes on us, vastly increasing their profits by surging up the game, as with any economy a boom is usually followed by a recession. But SGG don’t care as the buyout is completed in December.


Payout only in Q1 2022. SGG will continue to push revenue frantically till 31/12/2021.

To get as high an EBITDA as they can cos that payout is based on multiples of EBITDA.

Hence the continued onslaught of revenue generating events


I really wish people just delay their purchases until 01/01/2022. I mean, what’s the big deal? We all play this for a very long time, and whatever we want we can purchase after New year’s… :see_no_evil::rofl:

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I like the idea :slight_smile: let’s do IT!

Few months ago i raised this point on forum but many illogical replies we get over that topic and see it is what it is… I dont just simply rais any topic unless its logical!! Atleast now e&p players should understand and stop supporting usless sg (i see the end of this beautiful game soon )

That’s essentially a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. You think the game will be shut down soon, you stop buying stuff in it, which, if done by lion share of playerbase, causes the game be no longer profitable and prompt devs to shut it down for real. People need to understand that game needs to generate revenues for producers to keep it running. On the other hand I agree SGG kinda overdid it with events and related offers - there just too many new offers and what the hell that Phoenix offer was supposed to be?

About game lifetime, it really depends. Original Mafia Wars (another Zynga game) lasted 6-7 years, and I doubt it generated as much of a revenue as this one, though it was web-browser game so probably less costly to run. And this game seems to still generate a lot of profit, though they apparently missed their 2021 Q2 target. We will see, 2021 Q3 should be available sometimes in November I guess.


Of course… But it was their job to find the strategy for raising revenues in a sustainable manner. Lately, it looks like they don’t care about sustainability part. And significant part of the player base is becoming really pi***d off - precisely because they don’t want to see the game dying too soon. But it inevitably will if developers do not care about its sustainability. A vicious circle.


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