Zynga infringes customer rights under EU e-commerce law

Ok you bought a deal €50 correct and that is all you have spent so far as this thread goes on…
Used all of said €50 perches … I want refund … Gets refund … SGG now give me a minus gem balance as iv used everything i bought in the €50 iv spent . :woman_shrugging:
Your money is back but the resources you have used now puts you in a minus gems as you HAVE USED THEM … Sgg aint gonna take the time and take the emblems of yah hero you just put them on or 4* mat … why should they …

Its Like going to a 2nd hand car sales person, asking for the new car there to swap the one you bought of them as you not happy with the one yah bought


You can’t just show up at the store and say,
"I don’t like the blender you sold me, I want my money back"

Apple, "yes sir no problem, where’s the blender?"

You, "my wife is making margaritas with it"

Apple, "yes sir no problem, bring in the blender and we’ll give you a return."

You, "nah… just give me my money back"



How about, instead…
The drinks that come from your blender
Are not equivalent
AS ADVERTISED :star::star::star::star:

In which case: The target is the alcohol manufacturer! As they ARE regulated to put the proof on the bottle. Because, if it is actually an epic 20 proof in the legendary 100 proof bottle, and you can show that!?!
then they would have falsely made millions of dollars…
then a portion should be returned to ALL who purchased, once a settlement is reached.

But… you know… :joy:
It’s much more fun to cuss and discuss

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The items did not expire and they do have the mechanism in place. It’s literally the reversal of items you gained when you made the purchase. If you had not used the items, they would have taken those away. But since you did use them, they have a mechanism of applying value of the items you refunded but used. Hence your gem balance being wiped out and a negative gem balance being levied.

What bait-and-switch? You purchased gems/tokens/battle items/crafting material/ascension material.Those never guaranteed you a Kalo when used nor that if you pulled Kalo he’d remain the way he was at release. You know what never changed? The items that actually were in that purchase pack which you have used up prior initiating the refund through the 3rd party.

You’ve done a lot of copy/pasting while applying the legal jargon to fit your own lack of understanding of what it actually means. Most law firms give a free consultation these days. Perhaps hearing what you’ve been told here from a board certified attorney/solicitor will make you understand.

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It doesn’t take someone in Mensa to see that past trends in EnP will likely continue. Whether accidental or intentional, strong heroes get released then shortly thereafter they get nerphed. If it is a dealbreaker for buying gems, go FTP. If that isn’t good enough, uninstall.
McDonalds isn’t going to be a health food restaurant and EnP isn’t going to meet some folks’ version of fair or ethical.



If you aren’t ready to meet a lawyer to start ball rolling on your gem deficit case, you can try reporting the app to Apple or Google.

Apple does allow gamers to report an App for fraud or scam. Google does too.

You won’t get a reply though.

Both Apple or Google are not likely to do anything beyond referring the matter back to Zynga/SGG.

But you get to complain to someone with some authority.

Both Apple and Google do not condone apps that practise fraud or scams via their platforms.

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We assume the risk that any hero we invest time, money, or materials in could potentially get nerfed. The game has really been level at your own risk since Telluria. Since that’s common knowledge within the community, the investments are “eyes wide open”. Best of luck, but you probably don’t want to spend anymore time or money on chasing what the courts would deem frivolous…. It’s the “generally accepted common practice” that voids recourse



I just wasted half an hour reading this absolute gem of a thread.

I want my time back…


Perhaps you can take some small comfort in the fact that I skipped down to the bottom and read your comment first, thus allowing me to skip the rest. :rofl::clap::clap:


Always happy to help :rofl:


Wait, this topic is STILL active? How?


Because the old saying is still very much alive… there’s a sucker born every minute :smiling_imp: :popcorn: … Nerf this :rofl:

Having been woken up by a nagging tooth pain this morning my brain is firing off in all directions. One conspiracy theory that’s just popped into it is that the OP is a lawyer trying to drum up some business. Obviously not on a no-win, no-fee basis.