Zynga buying 80% of SGG - STAFF RESPONSE POST 27 & 111

Might be old news that Zynga bought Empires and Puzzles on 24 December 2018, but I just found out! So my question is “Who’s Running The Show?” Small Guant Games or Zynga? Zynga doesn’t get their mitts into anything that they won’t make huge BANK for their investors! I’ve left other games because of they’re involvement and meddling with game percentages (Hero Summoning %). Purchased for $560million USD! Can’t blame SGG for selling at that price, but I hope this game doesn’t fall to Zynga’s greedy tactics!

@Ganja Check out this thread, it’s been discussed a fair amount, and there are even a few staff responses about the independence SGG will maintain:

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Maybe it needs to be rehashed again and I appreciate the link!

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Guess this post could be moved to the link provided above, before it’s deleted

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@Ganja You probably noticed that we got moved over to the main thread, and your comments are intact. :slight_smile:

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Since Small Giant sold out the gem boards have gotten worst across the board, the chest and mission rewards lower, ascention material almost non existant from chest and missions, the draws from summons are crazy low I see it everywhere. ATTENTION NEW OWNERSHIP, ARE YOU TRYING TO DRIVE PLAYERS AWAY!!!

Sounds very much like what I was used to for the last eight month… where’s the catch? :wink:


Doesn’t seem that anything changed on my side. Same boards that I am accustomed to.

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I have actually seen no change or slight improvement in some things, and not noticed anything getting worse.

Are you actually tracking the things you’re noticing?..we have several active forum members who take a lot of time and effort to track and report these things, with input and data from other players.

When I started tracking, I noticed that the actual data was better than what I had thought…I think it is our nature that the negatives and disappointments tend to overshadow the better things, and it skews our perception of what is truly happening.

You can search out the threads----there are several----tracking various things, and give them any data you may have so they can add it to their results. The more people that do it, the better and more accurate/reliable the results will be.

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Looking at your post history, it looks like you’ve been kind of unhappy with raid boards and loot and summons for a long time. What are you noticing now that seems particularly different?


Yesterday the war chest gave me diddly. But today I got a royal tabbard from the titan chest. My alliance leader reported getting a telescope from the regular monster chest today too :stuck_out_tongue:

Usually, yeah, the rewards are meh… few gems here and there, sometimes cool stuff pops up though. That’s how luck works. You just gotta accept that.

#rc830 :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Been a while since I posted that. Hope I did it right.

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Is Zynga really acquiring Small Planet? If so what does this means for the gaming platform? Does anyone know about this?

Zynga acquired Small Giant. A while ago. If that’s who you mean, then, it doesn’t appear to currently mean much. The devs have said Zynga is letting the studio manage the product. This happens sometimes, and Zynga will likely only get involved if profts don’t live up to expectations. Though, with as much of a cash cow as the game is, that likely just means that Zynga might step in near the end of the product life cycle, since they currently shouldn’t have any concerns over cash flow.

Small Planet was cheap airlines. And no, Zynga did not acquire them. Perhaps they should have - maybe they wouldn’t have gone bankrupt last year. They got me to Mallorca once - not my best flying experience, but still brings a tear to my eyes!


Unfortunately, zynga is not taking over small giants. small giants gets paid and gets to continue operating in their idiotic independent ways.