Zynga buying 80% of SGG - STAFF RESPONSE POST 27 & 111


tc19? mana potions? :wink:


Hopefully the devs are reading these concerns and keeping them in mind


Not enough recruits or materials :rofl:


Wish i had too much food. Never have enough


You’re right… Won’t hurt to get the small ones…:blush:


Then all you have left is barracks


I normally am a lurker in this forum only reading posts, but I created this account just so I can comment on Zynga buying SG. This is the starting to the end of the game. I played one of Zynga’s other games, Empires and Allies. It has the same problems you mentioned:

  • cheaters not being dealt with even though it is obvious to everyone in the game, zynga denies it is happening.
  • game was once hacked and took zynga 4 days to fix it.
  • game bugs galore… they never do testing on their update releases. Players being locked out of games, constant disconnects, same bugs popping up again after new update.
  • tech support is the worst. They don’t understand the game when explaining the problem. They direct you to the online support even though you have told them you already tried it. Most responds are “canned” responds and are not related to your problem
  • The game was once great and fun, but with each game update it got worst. A lot of top players left the game and swore never to play a Zynga game again.

You can check out zynga’s Empires and Allies forum here: http://zyngaplayerforums.com/empiresallies

to see some of the complaints. The forum isn’t even active by zynga. many posts go ignored.

Zygna paid 500M+ for this game and will expect a return.



After comments above, players might need another pep talk lol


I think you said it very well yourself.

I don’t think Zynga has any intention to mess with E&P. We may not be perfect, but I think we’re doing a pretty good job, all things considered.


Well that works i guess, thanks


My concern is not Zynga doubting SGG… it’s more like the other way around lol… I feel like SGG should be more concerned about Zynga.


Thank You for this… I was hoping someone familiar w/ Zynga’s bad reputation would post this since I didn’t know how. The flashback of numerous complaints that went unanswered just popped into my head when I was playing their games… So glad I stopped wasting my time & money on them. Hopefully I won’t have to say the same one day for E&P…


I know which is why i tagged him but i guess he feels that addresses both concerns? Idk


I notice from mhalttu’s IP address that he appears to be shopping for villas on the Italian Riviera… :wink:


So moderators do track us. Interesting…


And I’ve copied this and sent it to my lawyer who will distribute if anything happens to me! So there!


Honestly, staff accounts can see other staff IP but not others’. And mhalttu last logged in from Finland as expected.


Indeed, I tried to address both concerns, but let me be more clear.

The Zynga that made FarmVille or Empires and Allies is a very different company than the Zynga that bought us. Pretty much the whole management team, including the CEO, is different.

When we started the discussions with Zynga, we made one thing very clear: We want to keep our company culture and creative independence when it comes to developing and running Empires & Puzzles and any new games we’ll make in the future. If we had any reason to doubt their commitment to this, we would not have proceeded with the deal.


Rest assured that when we track you, it’s with the same sense of dread that we would an acid-spitting xenomorph



Thank you, that’s the kind of reassurance i think players needed