Zynga buying 80% of SGG - STAFF RESPONSE POST 27 & 111


That is a relief!

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Double pay of $0.00 is still $0.00 lmao


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You assume that the firm is a cooperative jointly owned by the current employees. That $41 million capital raise last February moved a big chunck of stock into those VC’s pockets—they’re very happy today. I’m guessing there was some other startup money, too. How many shares/options do the front-line employees like Petri, Sara and J.o. have? I sincerely hope “a good amount” but I don’t know that. Stock ownership may be heavily concentrated in the top officers.


I’ve played Zynga games & stopped when…
1.Too many ways to cheat
3.Failure to recover account content/data resulting to starting over from the beginning…
#3 being the main reason of course why I stopped playing anything from Zynga…
I want to be hopeful, but it’s hard to do so when they haven’t done much to improve their own games…


Which games? And did Zynga develop them from startup or did they purchase them?


Words w/ friends 1 & 2… constantly gets stuck & sometimes cant play for days
Farmville… constant cheating going on there…
Lets not mention Draw something & the slot games… & etc…
Whether they started it up or not, it’s under them now & it’s all bad… Plus now they have added a ridiculous amount of ads & you gotta pay monthly for ad free gaming…


Lol thanks for shedding some positive light


This game already has it’s bugs & glitches, but at least it’s tolerable… lol


I lost my lv 60 Farm and lv 80 City in those old days … cause they couldn’t restore my games :cry: :cry: I loved my Farm&City tbh but I quit Zynga too cause it was too hard to get there.
About the hacks yes ofc its very bad shield they have back in the days I new people who made millions of programing hack tools and sell it to the community of Zynga’s forums with fake names, droping a working email!
And those tools works with tons of people !! Either way on FB or Android.
Thats why I have concerns, but I just hope that they really improved as @Rigs says.


Sad to remember this games.


Sucked when you had to accept it was a lost cause trying to get account/game connection or restoration… I hope this isn’t their way of sabotaging E&P…


I only hope they wont ask for MOVING THE SERVER !!!
Thats how I among many other players have lost our accounts in this movement …
I lost my games cause Zynga’s fault not mine when they moved the servers from place to other.
Hope they wont try to move From Finish to USA. :fearful:


I agree… & I’m sorry you lost your accounts… I did as well & started from the beginning TWICE & then finally deleted every game from Zynga…
This has actually stopped me from making any purchases from the calendar & etc, cuz I have a feeling Zynga is gonna ruin this game.


Buying a good offer from the game now is not a waste … all those changes we fear are just “not yet happen.”
So if you need the offer or see its fair buy it.
Many of them are 1/4 the original price. And you will regret not buying them if non of our concerns happened after all.


I just hope they don’t make training camps the same way they harvest in the crops in Farmville. Like, collect your finished heroes in time before they wilt… Um, die of starvation.


I always have my food storages full, if they were to die of starvation it would be pretty ironic :skull_and_crossbones: