Zynga buying 80% of SGG - STAFF RESPONSE POST 27 & 111



Oh I do I do!! Hahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean who knows what the future brings. You were spot on when you said who knows.

Honestly the biggest thing that says to me
“It’s gonna be okay Duaneski. No bad changes are coming” is just how insanely profitable this game is. Like. I mean. Im trying to compare it to something. Like if you tried to make a robot that could time travel and IT ACTUALLY WORKED. Would you try to improve that design? CUZ I would be terrified I would accidentally break it haha. I wouldn’t touch that dang thing. I would try to like, put it in a bubble and not let anyone touch it ever :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s how I think SG is gonna feel about E&P :stuck_out_tongue: like they keep adding in but they don’t touch the robot that makes it all happen :stuck_out_tongue:


On a positive note Zynga is probably going to give us more chances at free stuff (more ads to watch) witch imo is fine, i wouldn’t mind an extra mystic vision or other ways to earn free items/gems


Lol guess it’s about as relative as my comparison. Hope the game lasts awhile and all changes are positive. We’ll see. I tend to set myself up for surprises rather than disappointments


One thing that has always kind of haunted me every time I push the “Buy” button for the game was that the expected life of the game was projected by some to be 5 to 7 years. I don’t think Zynga is spending that much money to see the game end in 5-7 years. It bodes well for the continued success and life of the game.

Zynga games also include sometimes generous options for free items in game. They know the value of the lure. If nothing is given, people are less willing to “invest” their own money.

I think this is a positive move. I have always been impressed with the rate of growth of this game and I think having Zynga’s resources will only help that along.


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If you read the fine print, Zynga is buying 100% of the company: 80% now and the remaining 20% over the next three years as an “earn out”, with prices set based on achieving targets. This structure is cleverly set up to provide some cash upside to the existing team (who, I hope, are all shareholders) to do even more amazing things over those three years.


Its actually 700 million with 560,000,000 down and the remaining over the next 3 years. Good deal for the developers. Let us not forget Zynga is a publicly traded company with shareholders to answer to. Small Giant was private. Those that think Zynga is just going to be a passive investor are dreaming. I hope I am wrong.


On the positive:

Zynga does well at retaining player bases

But sucks at monetizing them

So that part actually sounds like a bit of a win as far as players are concerned(unless the sucky monetizing is due to overpricing). Less likely to gouge our wallets and with this much money thrown towards SG, maybe we’ll see a price break from them as well.

I’ve always thought the normal gem rates and some of the special offers were a bit overpriced(and no not asking for free stuff or entitlement or whatever, bought the ■■■■ offers anyways)

To me the pricing, offers, ad frequencies will be the biggest changes we might see.

Zynga isn’t much of a game developer, they seem to mainly focus on the marketing side which is why they buy out small companies like SG who already have the mechanics and such in place then just try to further market them to a larger player base through facebook or connecting dots between their new acquired game and ones they have already purchased.

Honestly I’m skeptical as hell and trying to convince myself pretty hard that this change wont kill my pass time but all we can do is wait, see, and hope for the best


Guys, people think this game is worth 700 million of an investment.

How much we freakin spend every month for 1 or 2 heroes?


24 million game downloads in 1.5 years… with 41miilion $ just in february on all SG games… so 1 -2 heroes is a bunch for them :slight_smile:

This performance does not include any contributions from Small Giant yet. Small Giant Games raised $41 million in February,

point: your ‘freaking spend every month for 1 or 2 heroes’ made them rich…

from this 560 mil , 330 mil were cash and will be split to 47 people :slight_smile: rest are zynga actions/stock :slight_smile:


At SGG, the quants (people specialized in analytics) and developers are already hand in hand. This game was developed with monetization built-in from day one, not the “maximum enjoyment with minimal paying”. That was never a thing with E&P.


It was nice when the only heros behind a paywall were hotm


Fact: Zynga is a publicly traded company. Fact Zynga stock is 81.44% owned by institutional investors. Do you think the institutions care about anything but returns on their investments?


No i don’t. But letting SG do what SG does so well, may be the best way to see those returns


Lets hope that is the case


What else can we do? Speculate and drive ourselves crazy until we lose interest in the game that we’re concerned about?

Best bet=

Turn a blind eye for now, play the game as usual, check for updates/changes to the issue every couple months, speak concerns and disgruntled opinions as issues arise, hope they’re heard and addressed


Zynga will pay 11.9mills to each man&woman of the 47 finnes of SG … congratulations guys, wish you best.
But I have my own concerns that Zynga will push E&P factor line to P2W game to collect back those 560 mils!
I hope it wont make it harder/impossibble for us the F2P, VC2P & C2P.


I dont think they will. Even if they push the game too hard into p2w, players will simply stop paying but a lot would keep playing

Zynga will be more focused on marketing as they have been in the past

If they wanted a greedier version of E&P they would have made their own at a much lower cost with a higher upside.

They’re buying SG because of what is already here and working. If zynga had doubts or questionable confidence in SG, then i don’t think they’d invest that much money


Loud and clear @Rigs
Very solid logic bruh!


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