Zynga buying 80% of SGG - STAFF RESPONSE POST 27 & 111


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I guess someone that spend 560 million dollar want things work out for the best.
Surely the “we are a small team” is no longer effective right now, so no excuse anymore.

Give us the best game ever.


I hear they pay their moderators twice the rate Small Giant do


Ohhhhhhh, this not be cheap!


We will win a lot in customer service and respect, what you magnify here talking about the devs and is the worst I’ve ever known


0 x2 = 0



Thanks, guys!

We are very excited about the announcement, but we also want to make it clear that the acquisition will not affect Empires & Puzzles in any way. Small Giant will operate as a separate studio within Zynga, and we’ll maintain our identity and creative independence in designing and running the game.


LOL, you can even ask for 10 times more :smiley: I am sure they will agree as it won’t cost them anything :-))


I hope that this doesn’t affect the game play. Stay simple as a game, and engaging at the same time. I play this game for 2 years now, and it’s by far the best mobile game I play.


Thanks for the fast response!


So i think that will be the beginning of the end for this game. 560 mil? Zynga will have to take that money back! guess from who?


Win win for both,
E & P will get larger base, bigger server better legal support for their intellectual properties.
Zinga will get a proven game, that’s been a money spinner for their developer.
The game will expand a hundred fold, 81 million is a great investment.
We all know that if you want the game to evolve and grow, SG need a bigger partner, just reality.


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I am just sceptic about Zynga . In my opinion is great deal for SG ,and a dark future for the game. I play 2 games till now sold by the owners(partnership) ,one was dragon soul ,a good game bought by the company “GREE”. The both games die in 6 months after this . So my personal experience don’t let me be optimistic about that.


I keep misreading the name as that dreadful virus from Brazil :frowning:


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It’s the beginning of the end. I have been through this 3 times with modern war, clash of clans and castle clash. Regardless of what they say Zynga expects a nice return on their investment. They didn’t spend 560 million for a hands off approach. It will become increasingly monetized. I won’t spend another dime. Saves me a bundle since I know what’s coming down the road. Funny I was just discussing this exact thing yesterday. I must be psychic :slight_smile:


I don’t think SG can go on their own, the game have outgrown the developers, they need a big partner, I don’t begrudge them for doing what they think is best for their health and their relationships, you can’t stop progress.


So you guys think Zynga paid 560 mln to let the game die? Why is everyone so negative? These people ain’t stupid. You don’t kill the goose that lays golden eggs.

I only hope they realize that what makes adults spend on this game is the fact it is different from its childish and cheap competition. And that they continue focusing on this target player base, and not on kids and cuties. That’s everything I wish for after learning this news. Sadly, SG took steps in bad direction with its Christmas heroes and Atlantis foxes already even before the Zynga’s takeover so I don’t think we can blame Zynga only if this continues. I prefer firing my specials at demons, not at parrots and reindeers.