Zynga buying 80% of SGG - STAFF RESPONSE POST 27 & 111

Don’t know what this means for the future of the game.


Congrats SGG. Well deserved!!


I’m not sure either. I think in the short term, probably little, since SGG is maintaining independence within Zynga initially at least.

In the long run, it could bring greater change, for good or bad.

Some things that caught my attention from the article:

  • It’s Zynga’s biggest acquisition deal in at least 4 years
  • 24 million downloads in 18 months, and top 10 grossing games on iOS and Android
  • $190 million revenue in the last year, which is just behind Zynga’s top grossing Words with Friends
  • SGG got this far with 47 employees, which I think is a testament to effective management and hiring
  • “Over time, Zynga will contribute its own live operations expertise and help take the game into Asia.” — I’m hoping this is an indication we might get things like realtime PVP raids eventually

Do we have any insight about how Zynga has altered acquired games in the past? Although this will give the developers more resources, I am fearful of how it may negatively impact the game, especially since Zynga is a public company with shareholders to please. They paid A LOT for Small Giant.


It looks like two of the large acquisitions mentioned in the article have also maintained independence within Zynga, which may be a good indication that the plans for SGG to operate independently within Zynga will continue for the long haul. I would think that’s ideal — resources from Zynga when needed, and continued independence to do what SGG has been doing well so far.


Exponential grow, more player , hundred fold, game play will be cheaper, gems will be cheaper, only prob is the old players, who originally spend a lot will loose out because devalue in gems.
If they decide to drop the value of gems, they should compensate player who bought them at expensive rate.
Plus they usually have big events that reward big ie trip to Vegas, free entry into WSOP.
From previous experience, Zynga is a positive move. SG have to grow, overall I think it’s positive.


ah ha, the power of big marketing!

SGG wasn’t exactly skimping on marketing budget to begin with:

GamesBeat: How much did you spend on that performance marketing?

Soininen: To give you a ballpark number, this year — considering we’re still a very small company, 30-plus guys, we’ve spent probably $8 million on marketing. It’s a lot of money for a small team.



Most likely there buying to capitalize on the long term value that SGG can offer as a studio. I bet they won’t make many changes other then giving SGG a bigger budget to play with and more employee’s to help. Empires and Puzzles least to me is a very unique concept with a lot of expansion room. Sadly things have been going kinda slow but they still manged to build up a faithful following. This means things can move at a more reasonable pace and things like slow downs and discounts can be fixed.


Similiar to a big American company like GM decided to buy a small Scandinavian company like SAAB. Where is SAAB now. Just joking.

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It’s a saab story.

I’ll show myself out now.


Usually our alliance wars begin with cries of

“It’s the Russians!!”

Now we can do one better and include our Chinese and subcontinent comrades etc

Maybe the Starcraft Koreans can take this game to new heights


Oh NO, it’s the Malaysian.

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Lol one Malaysian only, like @Jedon by himself in Alliance War


Great, there goes the game.
Zynga has messed up everything they have created/touched.


Malaysia is as powerful as the USA, have you seen their flag ? One of you is enough to be worried about.

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Man…I just barely figured out how to call targets in Cyrillic.


It’s good for SG, congratulation. I hope it’s also a good thing for us. Maybe they can change the events, so that not only the strongest have a chance to win something :1st_place_medal:


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@Rigs Somebody beat u to the punch :smiley:


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