Zynga a word in your ear about E&P

The slowness of E&P with season 2 has now seen the loss of members from my alliance they are quitting.

E&P isn’t catering towards the needs of there long-term customers which seems strange in a business sense. Okay we have new developments but seriously where is the game play?

E&P season 2 as claimed at Xmas 2017 would be out soon!!! soon to them is August 2018 and of course its only a few stages every month. Is that all the game play you have to offer?

Yes I know that there are events and a new raid comp each week but its not missions its just boring.

Its become very hard to keep up appearances that things will get better but with drop rates, loot rates and season 2 really I hope Zynga does a better job cause I’m at my wits end trying to keep everyone confident.

If Zynga don’t do something about it consider the fact you bought yourself a white elephant. If I bought 80% of a company that showed very little catering towards long term customers I would kick backside make the company what its suppose to be a gaming company.



haha. Zynga certainly knew for what they’re paying. They wouldn’t have paid so much otherwise.

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I’m a long-term player myself and I disagree with the OP.
Yes, it can be annoying summon the hero you want or to collect enough ascension mats to max the heroes you have, but if it was that easy everybody would have all heroes maxed and there would be no competition. Nothing to strive for.
I’ve been on the verge of quitting because of this exact issue, but its camaraderie and the community that keeps me in the game.
I’m a p2w player and I happen to be in one of the top alliances in the game, but being at the top is not what’s keeping me there! It’s the people, the friends I’ve made over the past 2 years and I would still be playing it if we were the worst alliance in the game.
If the gameplay is all you’re in for, you should look for another game where there’s thousands of levels to unlock, one after another!


Thank you for expressing so clearly my own feelings about E&P.
I enjoy the built in delays that encourage thought & discovery.
I too cherish the helpful, kind people in your alliance, and many other alliances that share insight & encouragement.


Do you not enjoy the raid, war, and titan elements of the game? I’ve always considered those “the game play,” and the world map PvE content as something to do to grind materials.


ı agree with the op, the game has become a real bore & a real chore. We had 30 membs, now 19, and others still saying they don’t want to play it anymore.

Disgraceful Elemental chest loot, check.
Disgraceful Summoning odds, check.
Disgraceful Titan loot, check.
Disgraceful War match ups, check.
Laughable war rewards, check
Disgraceful season 2 dragging on forever, check.
Ridiculous gem prices, check.
Rare Titan no item payouts, check.
Summon & Troop tokens disappeared, check.
4* ascenion items rare as f drop rate, check.
Starting boards, skewed against players, check.
Season 2 heroes look like kids cartoons, check.
Reward for effort put in virtually 0, check.
Splash offers costing more than PlayStation games, check.
Lots of money spent for so little in return, check.
Give some feed back & get told to go and play something else, check.

No wonder players are getting sick of it.


Hate to say this, but Zynga doesn’t give a hoot either… I’ve played several great games (or so I thought) owned by Zynga, just to see the game deleted by Zynga. And it didn’t matter the money you spent - that’s the risk you take. Personally, Im saddened to learn E&P is now owned by Zynga…


I have been playing since 2017. I enjoy the learning, how to utilize my heroes, how to succeed at raiding & Titan fighting. Just now l am interested in completing season 1 with 3* heroes.
Most of all l credit the endlessly, challenging, thoughtful, brilliant, interesting people this game has brought into my life.


Well, I think they are definitely catering toward long time players as most of them have spent boat loads of money or have put enough time into it to have solid group of 4* and some 5* heros. This is apparent with the new emblem quests. Even with items it’s impossible for the majority of F2P players. I only have 1 4* to use in druid category which means right now I cant grab the best loot and I’m almost at my 1yr anniversary. This game is geared for the long time players, especially with the big spenders.

The strong get stronger and money talks.

That’s a brilliant way to look at it! Sounds like you’ve found a solid recipe for longevity in the game. And yeah, I agree completely. I’ve come across some great people through E&P. Good luck with your 3* crusade :grin:

I am a 68 year old player on a very limited budget. My current total spending for 18 months of play is less than $100 US. of my own money.
I have been fortunate to receive Google Play gift cards totaling an additional $75 US. (finally my friends know what to get the crazy lady for her birthday)
Please don’t make assumptions.


I too am a 68 yr old old school gamer. I too am on a limited budget. I appreciate your post. I can remember putting out big bucks for console games just to be stuck with a sorry game. I don’t mind grinding to level my heroes nor do I expect something quick or for nothing. To me the game is about achieving my goals and the community. I am currently a leader of an alliance that accepts newbies to give them a chance to learn. To me it’s all about the overall experience! Thxs for your posts!


Wow, that’s a lot of bad things in this game…
The only response I’m gonna give you regarding the loot is: it’s all RNG. I’ve had months of nothing and all of a sudden, BOOM!, 12 4* ascension mats in 6 weeks.

Regarding S2 gameplay and heroes, I think the map is perfectly balanced, f2p players can keep up woth the new levels with those that pay for extra WE. And the heroes are, to me, not that cartoonish (some exceptions of course).

And if your feedback comment is based on the OP, I totally disagree. This isn’t feedback, it’s just complaining and ranting. Feedback contains pros and cons and the OP should give suggestions on how he/she things the gameplay could be better.

Last thing, bit off topic, but I gotta get this off my chest
I’ve been a part of this forum for the majority of the time I’ve played and I come here to see if I can help players with real questions but I gotta find those threads between hundreds and hundreds of complaints. There’s some valid complaints for sure and I feel like SG listens to those but most are just ridiculous and directed towards personal disregards and not to improve overall gameplay.

Nice to meet you!
This is my first-time RPG, playing without dice & character sheets. Grinding here is what l used to call super fast. Lol

Best of luck with your Alliance & game play.

I am looking forward to reading your posts.



@Azure I’ve read your post and not sure what assumption I made. My response was there is plenty to do if you have the heros and the game does caters to those players who put the time in or money. With the time comes ascension materials and more summons. Also this forum is full of players saying they drop an easy $300+ on pulling heroes. I too am grinding and prob spent about 50 or so on specials offers. I too run an alliance open to all and were all having fun. I look forward to the day all my time spent playing makes me tough enough for harder challenges. I’m glad your enjoying the game as well.

Thank you all for your comments and opinions I have asked my crew to check this out so as to open the mind up not the wallet.

Thank you for your contribution I am not ranting as E&P ask for feedback on ideas then this is it, bring in more gameplay if it sounds like complaining maybe I am but not for me but for my team.

I have been in this game for one year and have two accounts I too have the same thoughts of leaving then I see everyone chatting and it goes away, but as I bought into this game I have no intentions of dumping for another cause I had another game which I dumped for this one and that one was better, but I would not spend.

I have asked my crew to check this out but most like me left others to be here.

Please dont take this the wrong way your comments are most appreciated.

Thank you for your kind response! Have a great game play day!

I am glad some people still have fun with this game, but many definitely do not. Since the last update we lost 3 players. They quit, all long time players, all f2 p. Bored, unrewarded and when they saw the emblems they simply quit. Like the OP it has been very difficult to keep encouraging people. OK, it is RNG, but how does one ncourage someone that after a year of 3 tc20 has obtained only 4 5* s? Or that only see a damascus blade every month and a half in a rare quest. That see that 4* mat they nver get in a “special” offer? That grind like crazy and try at least to be among the 300 in an event knowing they will never have the means to compete further not buying more world energy? Alliances are having problems keeping members. That is not a rant or whining. It is a problem.

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I look forward to seeing you & your Alliance at the top of the leader board.


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