Zygna third quarter ...Empire and Puzzles and Merge Dragon drive earnings

The transactions may be micro, but the profits aren’t.


Selling sprites rules :boom:


I’m not sure why, but now I feel really bad and kinda dumb… am I the only one? Is sucker written across all our foreheads?

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We can complain on the odds, gem costs etc all we want, but at the end of the day, we all keep spending :rofl:


You know what? Good for them. They created a thriving business with a few strategic acquisitions. I’m not going to hold a grudge. I enjoy the game, except when I want to smash it through my wall, and my alliance is like a 2nd family. I spend when I want/can and grind my teeth when I can’t buy that gem deal with the tome of tactics because the wife said NO.
Although I also wouldn’t mind a little thank you now and then from the business we all support. It be a nice gesture and one that lets players here know that they are important to the continued success of Zynga’s stocks.


I wouldn’t feel bad. It just mean A LOT of players are enjoying the game enough to fork over some money. You pay for cable, movies, sporing events, concerts - this is just another form of entertainment. The trick is to not get carried away with chasing those heroes.

Due to the fact that I don’t like the direction of the game, I have cut back both on play time and now spend no $$. I consider this a learning experience not to pump money into any game until it has matured enough that you know what it will turn out being. That’s the only place I feel a little foolish, but like I said - learning experience.

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Well not all…but clearly a lot do!

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lol… I really want the sprites called Ariel, Kageburado and Gravemaker… not even worth 10 MB I guess but demmm… really can broke my wallet for these sprites…

You are not the only one lol…

Sometimes I feel kinda stupid spending money chasing Atlantis heroes etc… there are times I sip my coffee… and then I realize I am doing stupid things spending money in this game that is not even tangible.

I reached out then… to my phone. Hold it and ready to Delete this game.

DELETE THIS GAME… and then for some reason I blank out for a second… only to realize that I just did another 30x pulls for that Kageburado. Ofcourse I didn’t get him.

I was sad. Very sad. And felt stupid too.

I want to click delete again. Delete this game!

And then a few seconds later… I realized not only did I not delete this game… I did another 30x pulls for Kageburado!! And ofcourse… I didn’t get him… as usual. :joy::joy::joy:

This game and summons… is hauntingly addictive lol…


Actually this is good news for us because as long as the game generates profit, they won’t abandon it, so we can keep playing.


Terrible syndrome…sort of like I’ll get it next, just one more try!

Anyway SG makes additional revenue from those endless MV videos, I am also a sucker to watch every time it’s ready, with same hope that something good, something better like long awaited mat would prop up in the rewards…more often a few gems and banner.s.
It is a good business supported by both spenders and non spenders.