Zulag, Victor or Kageburado? Who do I level up first

Who should I level up first? Zulag, Victor or Kage??

I have alfrike, Hel, Dimitar, Ursena and jabberwock fully ascended with emblems already. I also have boss wolf and kuchen at 3/70

Obviously I don’t have a purple 5 healers at 80. Maybe kuchen? Any input??

I think Kageburado is best in your case. If you need purple 5* healer and backup tank, you can also consider Kunchen (but if you have C. Rigard, Kage is better) Other options is below those two.


Kage without a doubt. However, if you want a 5* purple healer, Kunchen is an excellent option.


I do not have Kage, but i have Kunchen maxxed and he has been brilliant for me.
I still want Kage…someday

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Get yourself some costume rigards, better than any dark healers plus no tabards required.

Kage will be most useful for you, a true sniper and the dispel before attack is nice.


Kage! My victor has been collecting dust and zulag i dunno

Kage with cRigard. I maxed Kunchen and it seems to me he’s always dead before he can heal.

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I agree with the previous votes for kage

The path to greatness is less traveled. The path less traveled leads to greatness and sometimes to faolure. Go for Zulag and be among the very few who have her maxed. She might be the overlooked best new tank, or a waste of tabards, there’s that.

Otherwise, go for Kageburado, whose dispel first before his damage may have a chance to miss against ninjas with family bonus or heroes under the dodge skills of Margaret, Inari and/or costumed Kadilen, and that he most oftentimes cannot kill targets below 50% health.

Thanks everyone for your input.

Emblem a C. Rigard and you’ll have a solid purple healer + cleanser + atk booster.

I’d do Kageburado all day.

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Seconded. I actually do not use my maxed Kunchen at all besides VF tourneys, I have two C.Rigards emblemed to +19, they are much more useful in wars in the current fast meta. Level Kage and try to get a c.rigard if you do not have one yet.