Zulag – 5* Dark/ Purple - October 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release


This is my current arrangement and the signs are more positive

I think the hard truth of the matter is that Zulag isn’t an awesome tank, also being weak on offence, the flank may be the only home for her.

If she had a Brynhild style dispell-block it might make the difference.
@petri, please get this implemented by next update, you can put it on my tab. Cheers


Thanks for the (disappointing) update, @JonahTheBard. I was kind of afraid of that. On the one hand, I have 8 or so tabards and only Quintus and Obakan as competition, so she’s still probably my best option. On the other hand, I really wanted Zulag to be really good at something before I maxed her. I may still think about her as a flank to an Onatel tank, in addition to trying her with my proposed fast hitter defense. I guess if she doesn’t work out on defense, it’s good news for my Thorne +16, because his emblems will be safe. Yes, I like using heroes that nobody likes. My Ameonna +19 saved my butt twice in this morning’s raid tournament hits.

Without doubt. And not even without precedent or peer (see upcoming Krampus).


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Me too.

I even took my Gobbler to +18 for minion war

and then immediately reset him when he completely flopped

I reset my Thorne for zulag but have kept my +10 Richard.

If I one day have masses of spare resources I might go all in on one of them, but for no I need the flexibility.


I remember getting my butt handed to me in war by a Gobbler +20 on the wing. Never could seem to hit him with a sniper quite fast enough. Every hero seems like they could be dangerous in the right circumstance, but yeah, I can see Gobbler still being too squishy to work in most wars. Gormek’s costume, however, looks like a viable minion counter. :thinking:

Given that I appear to be becoming forum-famous for defending Thorne, it would take a lot for me to reset him, but had Zulag been a primo tank, I would have done it. I also don’t have Richard, so that made it easier to decide to try the Giga-Thorne experiment to start with. If you’ve got good paladin options, you are right about keeping the flexibility. I don’t, so I built Giga-Thorne. :laughing:


I am with you. I am a big fan of Thorne. I recently pulled Glenda. Once she’s maxed, my blue mono team will be: Kiril - Grimm - Thorne - Glenda - Richard. If they are charged together at the same time, it is going to be pure devastation.

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I’ve seen her as tank once and fought her and even with Seshat in my team she was quite annoying. But she’s too passive. On the other hand if she is flanked by Vela and GM that ‘keeping alive’ can be quite deadly, so it’s down to with whom she gets paired. Mine will probably never see any tabards, though that’s more because I have fully ascended Kage, Ursena, MT, Seshat, Clarissa, Victor and Sartana, so I am set when it comes to purple 5*.

First time encountering a full-on Zulag +20 in raiding last night. Defense team was Seshat - Drake - Zulag - Vela - JF, all heavily emblemed. I brought a 3-2 yurple stack of Vivica +14 - Poseidon +18 - Joon 4^70-something - Domitia +18 - C. Rigard +20. First time around, I got my butt kicked. Couldn’t get my folks charged fast enough, and Vela + JF was just nasty. Second time, I had a bit better luck with the boards, got my snipers charged, and picked off the wings early. Took down Zulag on tile damage, and then mopped up the rest.

So, my assessment continues to be that Zulag is a viable tank if you’ve got the firepower to put behind her, but she is definitely vulnerable to a sniper-heavy attack that can pick off her wings and leave the defense short-handed. I’m still probably going to max mine - she’s at 3^40-something and her only competition is Quintus and Obakan - but not sure if I’m going to have the hosses to back her up and make her effective.

Tagging @Muchacho and @JonahTheBard as potentially interested parties.


Completely useless 5*- melendor or caedmon against her ,effect only on 3 heroes , mana gain too slow, rigard or even sabina is better , hotm its grim joke. For me it is worst 5* and i will burn it in academy

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I like Zulag, she is my only A rated tank. People want to be unbeatable i suppose but having a target, a purpose is better.

She is my raid tank, If i spend my flags she keeps me around 2600 trophy or so, if I don’t for a couple of days it drops down to 2400 and it is okay for me.

Sometimes I use her in war team R flank and put L wing another purple so she can heal 3 of the heroes and protect L wing with minion a little.

I seriously didn’t like her when attacking but if you play map stages with mono purple team she can be useful.

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