Zulag – 5* Dark/ Purple - October 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

I probably should, to set a good example…


I mostly gone for additional toughness around her but I’m not settled yet.

I’ve just swapped to this, as an experiment

The closest thing I’d have to your idea of fast damage and avoiding dispellers would be

Magni - Lianna - Zulag - Joon - Tyr

That’s not a great use of Magni so I could do a different classic blue.

I’ll try it after giving the pig another go in the middle :pig2:


I wondered about her as a flank as opposed to a tank. I could put her behind Onatel. Seems like a) she might not charge fast enough to help and/or b) it increases the chances of the attacker having a dispeller ready. Maybe not, though.

Would appreciate it if you’d let me know how it goes. Mine is still on second ascension, so I still have some time to decide. Congrats on the pig, btw. He looks great.

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Yes, definite possibility but I hope the combined chunkiness might see them through.

Hopefully it would set up a loop of overlapping heal and hp bonus while Killhare and friends dice the opposition.

I’ll run it overnight and let you know

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Not great lol


:scream: Yikes! Hope another arrangement works better for you!

I’ve switched in your idea of fast hitters and dragged myself back to diamond!

Fingers crossed for some improvement!


My current defense can hold me in diamond about 75% of the time, but I’d still like to improve that with Zulag.

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I haven’t woken up in platinum for a while, so this is clearly a poor synergy


Feels like things are getting more competitive around the platinum/diamond break point. Used to be, I didn’t start running into GTV +20 defenses until 2580 cups or so. Now, it’s not super uncommon to see them at 2475 or 2500. It’s tough out there!


Can we expect a Zulag rework sometimes? (Like what they done with Aegir)

Unlikely, original Aegir was broken and could easily be flipped to damage his allies, Zulag is just beatable.

First result since the change



Indisputable proof of our collective genius! :nerd_face:

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I really wanted to like her. I am F2P and I try to work with what I have, so I ascended her, especially since I am lacking any of the top tier tanks. I tried her as a tank (replacing Justice) and dropped trophies. I tried her in attack teams, and found her less effective than c.Rigard. She’s just bad. I raided against Zulag tanks a couple of times too and they fell like leaves in autumn.


So did I, but she’s quite useless both in attack and defense teams. When I find her in defense teams, I just focus on both wings.

Mine is only at 3/70 (missing a couple of trap tools) but have found I have to couple her with a second healer to keep her alive and she just seems painfully slower than average. I thought I might have summoned something decent for once but she needs support, she’s squishy and her special needs something more useful.


You can say anything about Zulag but being squishy, I dont believe is one of them :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with everyone though, she is below average hero…


Sorry, but mine isn’t maxed yet, she is at 3/70. People I respect have used her as a tank so I assume she is a little more durable 4/80. But I find her uninspiring just after her first few low level runs… :anguished:

I have her at 3/70 and some other purple too. Quintus, Domitia and Thoth. She is the last in the row to get the tabards. All pretty weak but Zulag is scum.

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