Zoom not working

We’re half way through the war. For some reason I’ve been declared as leaving my alliance - my comrades didn’t boot me & I certainly didn’t leave purposefully. However, I’ve rejoined & suddenly I can’t zoom in or out of my own base properly. Pinching doesn’t work. I’ve found that scrolling one way zooms in & scrolling the other way zooms out. This leaves me unable to access any of my farms as they are all at the left of my base so if I try to move over to them the page zooms in to the middle of my base & won’t move further over. What do I do? As I’ve been deemed a deserter of my alliance & had to rejoin I’ve already been reduced to spectator for the rest of the war which is infuriating because I have strong teams. I won’t get a chest point for the titan even though I am by far the strongest attacker this time. I am loath to delete the app & download again but I don’t see any other way. Advice gratefully received, thank you.

Have you tried restarting your device?

Try logging completely out of your Game Center/Google Play account. Then log back in and see if that helps

Thank you both - I did both & it’s seems to be working now.

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