Zombies Event

One type of feature i would like to see at some point is a Zombies event where the goal is to survive for as long as possible.

How this event would work is like this:
The event has 10 stages, and 2 chests. After successfully defeating 5 stages, you will recieve a chest, and a Blessing(essentially the blessings in the Tower events make a return, but instead of having 2 separate blessing rarities, they are all mixed together). These Blessings, will help you out in combat against the Zombies.

After successfully defeating the 10th stage, another mini cutscene appears, and Elena, Richard, and Vivica, discuss what happened, but, one of them noticed that the supllies have started to dwindle. So, the stages get reset and can be played again and again, however, the more you play the event, the stronger the zombies get. They get more attack, more defense, more health, and the number of zombies on each stage starts to increase.
The number of zombies is 3 per wave, and at the beginning, its 3 waves, and eventually, it maxes out at 5 zombies per wave, 5 waves a stage. Also, because your battle items have, storyline wise, have started to dwindle, you’ll have to battle using a lower cap, to the point where eventually, you’ll have to battle without items. Also, to make this a bit more of a challenge, zombies have a special skill that gives the heroes a counter. This counter lasts for 5 turns, and should you not clear the stage or cleanse it, then your hero gets defeated. Should a hero have been defeated, they cannot be used for the remainder of the event. Also, any hero that has been defeated by the counter, they cannot be revived by your heroes or Battle items. Fighter class heroes can still use their talent to bring themselves back, however, they still have the remaining turns to be cleansed.

The chests at stages 5 and 10, start out like the first chest at the tower events, but as you keep playing the event, the items in the chests slowly get better over time.

There is also a unique enemy that can drop items such as emblems, food/iron bundles, and if really lucky, an EHT, a rare chance at getting a Blessing, or a possible 4* mat. This particular enemy does not appear when you play the event for the first 5 stages, but from stage 6 until the end of the event, it will randomly appear. At the end of the event, the trio wake up to what they thought was a bad dream, or was it?

This event would run the whole month of October. I had this idea pop into my head and thought I’d share it and see what others would think. I did look around, prior to making this, but didn’t see anyone make an idea for it.

It’s interesting. Does your concept use normal WE? I guess so, unless we have to use lots of flasks to continue…

Also, there is a seasonal event going on in October, so there might be too much going on (current towers eat up too much time as it is).

It would use its own type of flags. Too many events, quests and stages use the normal WE flags. And each day, the flags refill enough to have enough for one pass through the stages each day. You could, purchase more flasks, if one wants to, so you can keep playing more stages than one a day. Also, each day, one would get a free flask

Seems like a fun challenging event! Good thought!

Just “thinking outside the box”. What if the zombie event gave one flag per day and featured a never-ending level? That is, you get endless waves of mobs with ever-increasing numbers. Once you’ve had a few 5 mob levels, you start getting mobs surrounding a boss, then two bosses, then three bosses (randomly chosen from some set). Each level increases the strength of the enemies, items are gradually getting used up. If a hero is bitten and not healed, he will lose a large number of hit points per turn until he dies and cannot be revived.

You get a score based on the number of waves finished before dying.

And a few days of the even to try improving your score. “Bitten” characters from the previous days cannot be used on subsequent days.

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True, but if it was an endless stage, it would take away time to do other things in the day, like POV challenges, war hits, etc.

They did that in puzzle combat when i used to play it
Its from SG too

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Interesting concept. But there is a zombie overflow. Zombies everywhere! In series, movies, comics, game apps etc. Even SG jumped on the bandwagon with Puzzle Combat. Sorry, but no thanks.


Well, less time than doing 15 tower levels in a day at 4-6 minutes a level! (Assuming the power ramps up fast enough that it kills you within 10-20 waves.)

I like the idea and even the one for 1 stage with endless waves, and you go as far as you can.
So it isn’t too time consuming, or at least o you can be doing other things (in real life) maybe every specific wave (every 5, or 10?) it will give the option to pause the game or to leave the challenge to return later and carry on from where you left off I guess a “save point” like games have.