ZOCC was not working some times

When i am firing the opponent with ZOCC in raids, some time the opponent was firing on my hero instead of mindless attack on opponent allies

I have found that happening with titans. Its after a ranvir miss, but I thought the mindless attack would stick even if the damage hit. Of course I could be totally wrong there…

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Are you sure the enemy got mindless attack? It can be that you filled their mana but they resisted the mindless (hero class, resist to status ailments etc)

Yeah, and for instance also Rigard cleanse the mindless attack from himself, which is by design, I believe.

Monk class can block any debuff also if you have Wu/Ranvir buff or blindness he can just miss

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I will agree about Regard debuff, but without Regard, the target is attacking immediately on my heroes, if the target is counter attack it should attack on same hero that is Zocc. But the target even in the absence of counter attack it is attacking other heroes

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