Zocc vs Gregorion?

Who is the best option get my next set of Tonics and why?

My 5* Greens are very healing focused, so I’m good that both are damage dealers.

Elkanen and Kadilen are my other options, but I have pretty much ruled them out.

My roster is below for some context

Greg does good damage and raises atk and def of all green heroes, plus critical hits. This makes him quite good on titans along with his okay attack. He is also better on defense than Zocc, but there you’re much better with Telluria or Alberich.

Zocc is probably better on attack than Greg but his skill may backfire if he refills mana of enemy but his mindless status gets blocked. This also makes him bad choice for defense. He is a mana controller though so he will get use there.

If you want to go with one, probably Greg is better option. Unless you want a green mana controller (do you have Hansel?).

I’d probably do Greg to help with blue titans. If you are planning to pull in this month’s Valhalla, then wait until then to see if you can get Frigg (who I would ascend before either Zocc or Greg).

No Hansel unfortunately.

Whoever gets ascended won’t make it to the defence team, they will most likely be used for titan attacks and war hits.

I am confused here.

Anyways, I think @Cbr would benefit much on ascending and maxing Greg than Zocc. Greg’s high skill multiplier and damage has a higher chance of killing the target than Zocc could, even with the latter’s Mindless Attack. Moreover, Greg’s crit buff to all makes him an integral factor against blue titans. I have mine at 3/70 still obtained when he was HOTM in 2018 but him getting maxed got overtaken by Alberich, Evelyn, 2 Liannas and her costume, and Telluria. Sitting on 9 tonics in my inventory, I plan to ascend him if I don’t get Kad and/or Elk’s costume in the next few months. Currently working my Chameleon to 3/70 and to be followed by Zocc to 3/70 in case the latter gets buffed soon.

Yeah, had a mistake there. In general Greg is more useful but on attack it really depends on what one wants and OP is missing green mana controller. But I agree, Greg is still better option overall.

Greg any day…he is to good sniper with critical chance to him and nearby heroes.

I’m gonna go against the grain and tell you to give Kadilen some love instead. She’s fast and incredibly versatile.

Zocc is a bad hero for offense (a worse Merlin that has a chance to screw you over), and even worse for defense (he’s guaranteed to screw you over if the enemy brings Grazul or the like).

Gregorion is…meh. He’s a decent sniper, but hamstrung by average speed.