Zocc (& other Mana Controllers) vs Ninja Heroes

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Just tested and updated this section too now.


It’s interesting, with the way Hansel works, he’s better than Zocc and can be very punishing to a ninja for 3 turns. The downside is that at the end, if she survives, the ninja is likely to still have mana.


Yeah, but on later levels the duration of Hanselβ€˜s Ailment is reduced. I hardly manage to trigger his -50% twice in a normal raid/war, exceptions are superior boards with huge cascades (off color tiles, in color will kill enemy :wink: most of the Time)


Not mana control but amennoa in ghost mode is still affected

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Correct. The curses are not Status Effects.

It’s a game rule.

Same as in Rush Attack Tournaments, Ammeona is still Very Fast mana.


Curses are different from ailments. AFAIK know even bead heroes can be cursed, not 100% sure.

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Agree. Dead hero’s should not get curse unless we are slowly going undead/zombie route teaser

In this case, and when the ninjas wait to turn 3, zocc is much better.


@Guvnor my post was about mana reduction in general. We just happen to be using ninja as part of it… hahaha :sweat_smile: seeing if anyone really use them based on skills.

All good :slight_smile:

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