Zocc or Brynhild

Hi guys please need a opinion, today managed to pick my 1st 4* hero on Vahala “yeah jinx of 3* has been broken hehe” but also got Zocc, so in your opinions who should I level 1st? I’m inclined for Brynhild but I reckon it must be fun to play with Zocc, your opinions will be much appreciated, thanks in advance, Tony :slight_smile:

I dont know how many maxed 4* do you have or how many ascension mats you have available but my general advise is to work on your 4* star bench first before going to the 5* journey . What is more Brynhild is one of the best 4* green. So , id do her first and then depending on the rest of your roster and mats available i would think in maxing zocc.

Good luck !

Actually not bad with green heroes, got Evelyn with 7 emblems, just about to finish fully level Kadilen and usually use them with Caedmon with 1 emblem, also have Elkanen to level up and have the mats for 1 5* green or Brynhild, so not sure which of this 3 would pair better with Evelyn, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I have both and use them regularly.

Zocc is a moderately good mana controller and hitter but I expect he’d be pretty delicate at 3’70 unless you’re maxxing him all the way.

He’s surprisingly good on titans by blocking their special.

Brynhild is really solid and useful in a variety of roles.
I use her in my primary Telluria team to anchor my red hitters and flip the mana debuff.

She’s a credible diamond and war tank at +19 and decent in 4* tournaments, especially buff booster.


Actually, Elk is the best natural ally for Evelyn in a green stack as he charges at the same speed and hits three.

But I find him entirely lacklustre in other situations - titans, defence or as a single green, he’s mediocre.

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Kadilen and Elkanen will pair better with Evelyn than Zocc or Brynhild in terms of pure damage , but you will find in Brynhild a very good support hero so i suggest that you max her first. Then, who max after byrinhild, its a tough choice … Elkanen will pair better than Zocc if you stack him with eve but overall Elk doesnt seem to shine anywhere else.
Anchor has pointed him as an ok tank, but if you arent looking for a green tank for wars i would max probably zocc.


Thanks guys think I will go 1st with Brynhild then, will be quicker to level as well, thanks much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

I have two Bryn at +19… running two in flank for raid attacks to cover team with fast heal, special def, mana boost, dispel protection plus their own evade… well, provided you’re not getting a bad board, it can be a lot of fun!

There’s a thread talking about Bryn as a diamond tank, as someone mentioned above.

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Mentioned by the author of that thread, I will go Brynhild, she is just awesome! Imo if she is a legendary she will probably be OP.

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Zocc, easy choice, Brynhild can be leveled later

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And Zocc cant be leveled later? I think the other way that Brynhild is easier to level and therefore he would be enjoying her sooner than zocc

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2x Brynhild in offense is defasting… try combined with slow green… like Little John.

IMO, Zocc can wait, 2x Brynhild is cheaper.

Definitely Brynhild. I have her at 4/70+1 and she is great even in wars. I have two Zocc at 1/1 and they will stay there until he gets a buff. One of the worst HotM IMO

I think Zocc is ok, but interested to know why you think it’s so clear cut?

IMO, Brynhild is the better choice. Great stats! If you max level and emblem her, she actually can be a decent tank. I have 2 folks in my alliance that are running her at tank while they work on better 5* alternatives. I have run her in various 4* events, tournaments and challenges with great results. I don’t know if I can say enough about her.

I have Zocc as well, but he is behind a long list of Nature leveling projects. Thus, I leave him to others to comment more about his usefulness (or lack of usefulness).

I like Brynhild but for me any 5S is better to start if you ca. Final ascend. After as people suggest you make bench of 4s then 5s and then you don’t use these 4s which you did regularly. Think about future before investing

It’s a fair point, but my experience is that Brynhild with emblems is more useful than Horghall or Elkanen and continues to get a lot of use.


Me too use her between slow heroes for mana boost but then had to add18 nodes in sif so naked Brynhild dies quickly

Think my option will be Brynhild, only have 4 shields so will use them in her, thanks guys much appreciated information :+1::slightly_smiling_face: