Zocc mindless attack does not work on Forsth

I said long time ago Malosi does not block Alfrike and accused to lie and make fun of me, yesterday I attack Forsth with Zocc but not follow what happen just knew he become full mana and attack allies and looking to board and suddenly saw Forsth not have mindless attack status. I think his skill (clean status with destroyed minion) has somehow bug unless it cleans before mindless attack .
Does anyone know about it? It should worked at least first time right? Thanks

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Frosth passive ability cleans status ailments from himself when one of his minions is destroyed, so this must have happened if you hit him while he had a minion.

So, if Frosth had a minion when Zocc hit him, it would give him the mana boost and mindless attack, and then a minion being destroyed by the attack would cause the passive ability to clean the mindless attack, leaving him with nearly full mana and no mindless attack.

So i think it is working as intended.


And Frosth is rogue, so if he dodge his mana will be full without be blocked, and he’ll not receive the damage

That’s an interesting trade-off there. If he he dodges the damage, the minion wouldn’t be destroyed, thus no clean would take place (until you hit him with tiles, or by chance he hits himself with the mindless attack, but then his mana would be empty).

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A rogue’s dodge only blocks damage, not statis ailments

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But not the dodge from skills of the likes of costumed Kadilen, is it?

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