Zocc – 5* Nature/ Green - August 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month)

Zocc was my first ever obtained 5* hero so I might be kind of biased, but with my limited 5* roster I find him extremely useful. So many times he has “saved the day” with a perfectly timed hit against an opposing hero that would have possibly wiped my entire team or negating mana from the opposition’s healer.

Anyway, for me, he’s always a go-to


I am switching my playstyle over to as close to rainbow as I can get in order to reduce my depndency on a “good board”. Easy to do for one raid team, extremely difficult to do for 6 war teams (at least with my roster). I have found that with a rainbow or rainbow-like configuration Zocc is even more useful than as part of a stack, and is often instrumental in shutting down the most dangerous enemy heroes. The benefits of mindless attack are as follows:

  • 100% shutdown, not just damage and not just the special
  • if the opposing hero dodges using their rogue talent the mindless attack still sticks, which is the most important part
  • If used carefully you can benefit from multiple mindless attacks from the same target, which has the added benefit of being able to charge all of your other heroes up. This works particularly well against F and VF heroes.
  • As I don’t have a good dispeller he works well against a taunting tank to prevent that tank from re-taunting and getting the tile dump benefits

He does of course have drawbacks, namely the 30% chance of failing against clerics and monks and in fact boosting their mana in the process. 90% of the time I avoid hitting these targets as there are usually more than enough dangerous targets around. Also, a dodge due to a C Kad or equivalent special will avoid 100% of his special so should be used with care in this scenario

If I had 6 Zoccs I would be extremely happy as I would really love to have one on each of my war teams. I don’t have many mana controllers but he is better in his role than Proteus, Mist, LJ, Merlin and Li xiu. I don’t have Hel or Hansel to properly compare them


He okay, but needs a buff, either hit 3 or fast mana. Then he’d be good.

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He is a very strategic hero and used well he is amazing. He doesn’t need to hit 3 to be good, that would make him OP. I do think he does much better as a 9-tile hero (node 8 emblems & 17 troop)


What Homaclese just said. What it seems to me is that none of the new HOTM’S are, by themselves, a game ender. More like, a piece to the puzzle. Personally I’m finding that to be pretty cool, as it gives me a constant “thing” to work on.


Exactly… and that is what I am finding even more so with rainbow formation. You construct rainbow team with 5 different tools - for example a minion counter, a mana controller, a healer, 2 damage dealers - all of which you need to use in a certain way or certain sequence depending on how the match evolves. Much more a “puzzle” than stacking heavily, although I am not saying there is no skill or challenge in stacking. Zocc is a super useful and versatile tool in that set

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Yeah this is why when figuring out my first 6 war teams I built 6 rainbow teams. Now I often hit 3-2 in war, but the real roadblock now is getting the mats to finish those last 10 or so from 3/70

Not a zocc bug but a rogue issue. I just had a battle where I used lord Loki on zocc. Zocc dodged the attack and the MA didn’t apply to him and he is able to fire his own special to my loki. I thought rogues only dodged direct damage? Is this a bug and can someone test this?

I don’t think Zocc gets enough love for his shutdown ability. I just walked through the final level of season 4 on hard. Honestly, Zocc and a healer could have almost done it alone (I was a little disappointed at how easy it was). He will often do the same for me in wars/raids.

Zocc is great. I always play Zocc with Fogg and Heimdall, the nature trinity !!

His ability to give enemies mana has always been dangerous, even if they resist the MA. June HOTM damage scales with the target’s mana. Use zocc first to feed mana and then hit that HOTM to nuke target. And that is one of the many niche uses Zocc has for his mana gain


Just for my better understanding: Is Zocc a nice companion for our current HotM? :slight_smile: He raises the Mana bar, then Arfanias hits for max damage.

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Yeah, which is why zocc and arfanias have a solid synergy together. The one drawback is that they require a ton of resources especially emblems since they’re both rogues