Zocc – 5* Nature/ Green - August 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month)

But the good thing about that is, Proteus hits 3 while Hansel who is also a different mana speed hits one. I think they actually work very well together in this regard when I use them together I can almost lock the entire enemy team down.

Minus event teams (3* and it’s only because I compete in rare) I don’t do dupes either, strict policy

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May be you can retrain some of the Zoccs in the Hero Academy

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I’ve been using Zocc at 3:70 on my offense team. I like him. Just out the mats into him to take him all the way. I have Lianna and pair them together a lot. Obviously if I need one green hero Lianna is my go to. But for a follow up hero that helps control mana he’s impressive. Might be nice to have him a little faster but I find he is charged up at just the right time to force the enemy’s mana to fill up and attack their own team with mindless attack. Not every hero can be a game changer. Most of the enjoyment isn’t just overwhelming an opponent but working your hero specials to systematically take down the other team. I raid in high diamond and regularly took Zocc at 3:70 with me against teams in the 4500+ power range. So he’s no slouch. Just takes some know how to get the most out of him.

I’ve begun to find more and more that there are two types of heroes in this game. Those that take no effort to use them well and those that take a little cunning to use well. Im preferring the latter more and more as I close out my second year of playing and begin my third.


Very much agree with your assessment. I have him at 4/80/4ish and find he is very capable in my mono green stack, and particularly good at PVE and titans. Getting a titan to lose their special, and to miss a turn, is pretty significant.

I run C Rigard Proteus Lady Loki Grazul and Noor on my main anti tel team and apart from Noor all of those heroes have specials that cannot be fired blankly but that have to be targetted and timed to get the maximum effect, which requires knowledge of your own heroes as well as the opposing heroes as well as a good amount of judgment and some calculated risks. I feel this type of team configuration elevates the game a bit in the direction of something like chess rather than noughts and crosses, which a very fast hard hitting team brings you (effective as it is). Ultimately I think you play a game to enjoy yourself, and if there is a challenge that can be overcome through correct implementation of strategy and judgment then this helps to bring the enjoyment. Zocc’s special does fall into this category


His skill for titans is unique. The titan loses a turn as he hits himself and brings mana to 0 so its very hard for him to activate. He is also very useful in raids if you can bring him to fast speed.


Yes at fast he will be quite a bite more powerful. I think level 17 mana plus the rogue mana node will do it

thats what i did to him :slight_smile:

Zocc is solid. I have him maxed and trot him out every war and on some raids.
I just dont target monks ornclerics and tbh it’s pretty easy to do. Average mana ain’t so bad esp when I run him with Telly another avg mana hero.
There’s are several easy ways to offset slower mana speeds and tbh ppl that whine about average or slower heroes just dont know how to use them. Period.

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