Zocc – 5* Nature/ Green - August 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month)

I think Zocc’s special skill should Hit the caster and be called “stop hitting yourself” in honor of the famed children’s game.


Aahahaha u are right. But u saw bay yeong card? Is terrible, horrible, bad card, SM loss the imagination.

I think you might be misunderstanding mindless attack. If Zocc hits Alfrike when Alfrike has 50% or more mana, then Alfrike will cast Mindless attack onto an ally. Mindless attack is like a strong slash attack. Alfrike does NOT use her special skill attack on her allies. Also, she probably won’t cast mindless attack 3 times because after she casts Mindless attack the first time, her mana will drop to 0%. She is very slow speed so you will have to hit her with a lot of tiles during the 3 turns for her to get back up to 100%, drop down to 0%, back up to 100% again another 2 times.


HAHA imagine using him on Mother North who then resists due to cleric class and then revives the whole team thanks to that +50% mana :rofl:


Exactly, or use it on Kunchen/Rigard/Ariel and they heal everybody right back up (and you get defense down if Kunchen) :joy:

I get what SG was trying to do, but at the very least they could’ve added a line to the effect of “…increases the mana of the target by 50%; this effect bypasses any skills or talents that resist negative mana effects”. I think for an average speed HoTM who’s supposed to be a 5* Merlin, this is justified and still isn’t too OP given his extremely specific innate resistance (only counters Vela atm lmao).


This is a semantics issue. The reason why you can make this argument is due to SG’s own fault. They do not explicitly write out what exactly Mindless Attack does in the description. When the affected hero’s mana is full, Mindless Attack causes said hero to slash attack an ally. Then it drops the affected hero’s mana down to 0%. Therefore Mindless attack is a status effect that negatively affects mana. Hence, it can be blocked by manashield of clerics.

And mindless attack isn’t a special skill even tho its called an “attack”. It is a status ailment.
See: 📑 Status Effects (Buffs and Ailments) and Stacks

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i think he’ll resist. i got clarissa and she resists the poison stages

This is what I understood: if an enemy is half way to be charged of mana and Zook fills his bar, this target, instead of attacking his antagonist (me), would attack with his special hability his teammates for 3 runs, regardless of him been full or empty of mana. So for 3 times he would be automatically charged of mana against his team mates. That last part was what I found terrifying and worth the risk using Zook. But seems I was wrong?
If that target has to be full in order to fulfill Zook’s curse, then it’s totally useless. As te enemy just needs to avoid his color tiles. A truly long and boring raid It would be.

I understand what you’re saying, and agree completely. Unfortunately, sloppy and imprecise wording is kind of the M.O. for SG. I give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that some context is being lost in translation


Zocc works like Merlin, it just means you have 3 turns to fill up their mana bar so they can cast mindless attack, otherwise it wears off and they’ll fire their special as usual.

The 50% mana boost is supposed to help with filling up their mana bar so they actually cast mindless attack before the effect wears off. Unfortunately as is being discussed in this thread, that is a huge liability against monks and clerics, two classes that can withstand the mindless attack, and so Zocc is basically just charging them up even faster for free.


The enemy effected by “mindless attack” does NOT use his own special ability on his teammates. He uses only a slash attack. And he will only attack his ally with said slash attack when his mana is full during the 3 turns. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to fill the hero’s mana 3 times within 3 turns.


Probably worth pointing out that the reason for this is because mindless attack consumes the hero’s mana in order to be cast. It appears that this isn’t common knowledge, though Merlin has been around for a long time.

You’re not misunderstanding. Hansel gives 50 mana too, just does it after the mana drain special is triggered. This is all a cleric/monk issue.

Most likely. My clarrisa resists then poison damage in some season 2 stages.

Grazzy #2 before Marj for me.

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Has/would anyone tested MindlessAttack on clerics/monks using Merlin? This would confirm if clerics/monks do actually resist.

Thanx :wink:

Which is why I mentioned it’s just badly worded in manashield’s case and mindless attack (how it works). Mindless attack even activates like a special skill that states itself like every other special on the hero’s own accord. If it’s not because of this, my argument wouldn’t even exist in the first place.
However according to my logic, I still think MA shouldn’t be affected by manashield, it makes manashield look like a tryhard skill that covers everything even if it’s not supposed to. Meh, I will leave it to the Devs. Not as if I main alfrike or Merlin in the first place

Yeah, it’s a problem with the Devs with little oversight from this little simple ailment.

That added mana is so that the mindless attack he inflicts kicks in faster. Then you can force the target to hit his own team with a slash attack and nullifying all his mana at the same time. He’s really strategic to use tbh.

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I think Zocc is interesting. But he does require more strategy. You don’t want him on defense but offense can be good. Same with titans. I find it interesting so many people bringing up 2 out of the 10 classes as a problem. That still leaves 8 classes that he works well against. But this is also where the strategy comes in. At times giving the opponent mana could help. Many healers are clerics. So you give him mana and he heals but it’s too early. You just made a diamond that will do a good amount of damage. What about forcing the cleanse to go off before you actually hit them with an effect that they will need to cleanse. Oops, you cleansed nothing, now I will hit you with my GM/Vela and let you burn and drown. There may also be times where you have your cleanser ready to fire but the enemies don’t have any buffs up. Instead of holding onto your special for a few turns, Zocc forces them to use it and you clear it next turn. And that is if their ability kicks in. Its not like those abilities are 100% effective. He has potential. Not amazing but could be useful.


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