Zircon, Esme or Frosth? Who gets the scopes?

Hey Everyone, here are the blues I got maxed

Thinking who to ascend next. I have no cleric emblems, so ruling out Ariel and Alex

Frosth - Would boost pengi up quite a bit for his added attacks
Zircon - Would help Krampus and Glenda buff become undispellable, nice defense and heal
Esme - Cause Fiends suckkkkk

Just got the 6th, who should I pick? Thanks for your input!

So, quick question. Why not pick Ariel? She is one of the best heroes in the game.



he is a unique hero who will be effective for long time.

  • You dont have any hp boosters yet so he also helps in that department.

On offense, you can roll with Zircon Krampus, Glenda Frosth 3/70 and 1 offcolour. Since Zirc goes off in 6 tiles, he can keep Frosth alive before first cast


Zircon is imho quite underrated. He is arguably more or less as good as Garnet, but while she gets all the fame and glory, he stays in the shadows. Well, he is a Ninja…
Very sad… Anyway! He is the perfect addition to any counter hero, espc. Ludwig, so I‘d immediately ascend him. In fact I did and am very content.


If you want Synergy for Pengi pick frosth, otherwise I would pick Ariel or Zircon depending on your playstyle

Yup, Zircon is very good. Paring him with BK/Krampus/Ludwig is insane. You can only counter them with Chameleon. And this fuc**r is a fighter and actually, his revive is the most annoying thing. Additionally, for buff booster he will be a monster.

From your cards, I’d make Zircon or Ariel. Much more versatile heroes.


I like Zircon. Esme is too niche - you won’t be fighting fiends all the time. Frosth is interesting but minions are on their way out due to all the anti-minion heroes that have come out.

Zircon is great because you can get a small heal with just a few tiles or hang on for something bigger. He’s great for buff booster too.

I got no cleric emblems :frowning:

thanks guys, I tried zircon with the blue team, really like the fast heal with milenas, just in case I dont get 9 tiles in time. I think this blue ninja is going up!

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Zircon. Amazing healer :heart_eyes:


That’s awesome, yup, just gave mine the scopes!

Poll for voting easy:

  • Zircon
  • Esme
  • Frosth
  • Ariel
  • Alexandrine
  • Other / wait

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I’m going to be honest, there’s no reason I can see to not level Ariel :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Honestly, I have 2 Ariel maxed as well as Esme… Esme is quite disappointing because, outside fiends, she’s SOOOOOO incredibly limited… The lack of cleanse is really a major thing when facing literally every defensive hero other than fiends.

So yeah, I would trade my maxed Esme in for another Ariel any day of the week.


I fully agree with @Guvnor. I have zircon, ariel and esme maxed. Esme is last in line of those three to be considered, and I would trade my esme as well against a further ariel. so I strongly recommend to take her out of the equation. I use ariel much more than zircon.
Frosth indeed has a case to pair with pengi (and krampus), but no competition to ariel overall. so yes, I would also ascend ariel.


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