Zircon Bug (undispellable doesn’t work)

Was attacking with Mircon in raids and cast special. Defence goes up and undispellable buff is applied. Frigg then hits me and the defence goes down- wtf, my defence up got wiped, which should be undispellable!

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Mica or Zircon ?


Your buff got overwritten, it is different from being dispelled. Unless it’s an ailment shield, it is working as intended

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Zircon- thanks, well that is very disappointing. I am not sure EnP is really understanding the dictionary definition of ‘undispellable’ there. It’s a shame when heroes don’t live up to what is advertised by their card.

That’s life in the e&p world. Dispel and overwrite are two different things

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In E&P world, “immune to dispell” ≠ “undispellable”. “immune to dispell” can be overwritten but “undispellable” can’t.

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ok I see it.
20 sees it

It’s pretty confusing because Krampus has a similar defense boosting effect which is undispellable. The Krampus effect also cannot be flipped by -defense down. zircon’s defense buff and dispel shield are two effects. The dispel shield literally only preventing dispelling, and doing nothing to block ailments which allows for the defense flip. And I agree this small technicality makes Zircon quite a bit less useful in practice. Zircon + Garnet or vanda on the other hand will give you some crazy good protection.

My beef with Zircon is actually now that they are using a different status effect icon for heal-over-time and boosted Hp-over-time it makes it less obvious that these effects overwrite and do not stack.

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