🏯 Zircon - 5* Ice / Blue from Ninja Tower

Is that working as intended? I mean stuff like KH’s DD cant be overwritten.

Dispel shield does not block ailments from overwritting

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All of a sudden he lost quite a bit of sexiness LOL. Thought it was like Krampus’. I mean, look at crazy Ruby.

Yeah, I also pictured having my defense saved from any nasty def down heroes :slight_smile:
Still, immunity to dispells is huge (taunters cant be stopped) or Sif counter attack damage reduction, reviver effects etc,… :slight_smile:

For protecting def up buff, Ludhaigh is better :slight_smile:

He work same as sisters bryn and mist from s3, when bryn goes off you can use mist to reverse buffs


Here are my thoughts:



This makes sense because Mist can overwrite Brynhilde’s defense vs special skills with her own attack up for specials.

Pulled this guy today. Now trying to figure him out.

In vacuum, he is pretty great. Health boost and escalating defense buff increase survivability a lot. It’s also a very fast option to deal with Morel/Frigg defense debuff when you struggle early for tiles. That 980 HP is probably best heal in the game now. Add troops to that and it can be around 1200 HP boost… can take hero from ICU to full plate newborn just like that, or eat two fiends and still apply some heal on top of it. Best healer, if you are looking at healing alone.

Immunity to buff dispells is his main selling point. But, offensively, it only works if you are fighting against some dispellers which aren’t all that popular these days. Defensively, can get pretty annoying if paired with the right buffers like taunters or HoTs (Prof, Agrafena or Quartz), but with that approach problem is the buffers are usually not the hitters, and Zircon isn’t hitter either so you just limit your firepower to rely on them firing at the right time. And because of AI, I still prefer defense heroes which are great on their own, and not rely on synergies all that much as AI won’t always take advantage of those synergies, and consistency is what you should be looking for in defense. And even if timing was correct, these guys are still vulnerable to Onyx, C Sabina etc. buff preventers. So to sum up, while this part makes his defense buff undispellable 100% of time, I would question whether it makes all the difference.

In my situation I am very happy using my Ariel in my offense blue stack, and also pretty content using my limit broken Cobalt defensively.

Also, Zircon hits exactly where my biggest shortage of resources is - scopes and Fighter emblems.

So, while happy to have him, I have some doubts whether he’s what my roster needed to improve. :thinking:


Suicide-Bunny, thx for your analysis. Agree to most of it. I can add;

This is a great hero in many cases. If you already have a lot of other great heroes, most new heroes only add a small value in most cases.
I have too many heroes and I really don’t know what to do with all these…mostly I change for variation or try to find new combos. But it is seldom that new mechanics is introduced, in those cases it is really fun.

Happy gaming

I think I could conclude this by saying his main disadvantage is that he’s blue… That’s element which is already oversaturated with great healers, and new will come (also dedicated to destroying fiends specifically, which is very sought for these days).

It would be quite an odd case where you summon enough to afford Zircon but not have a reliable blue healer already. Which is probably the reason why, while objectively being among top healers in the game, he’s probably going to cause a headscratch to more than one lucky soul that pulls him.



I got him (my only ninja besides 5x Onyx) on a coin pull. Now I need to decide between him, Alexandrine (and Raffaele). LB cKiril is my quasi 5* blue healer. Ariel is my white whale who has avoided me…

I could fully emblem Alex from inventory, but would have to strip 3 heros to bring Zircon to maybe 13-15 talents.

Which way to go?

Amazing! You stole my luck! LOL. Gratz on the back to back lottery wins!

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Wow! That is some great luck lol. Congrats! Send some luck my way lol

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Maybe get a second opinion but I am not a big fan of Alexandrine.

To me she is a weird hero - board manipulation suggests she should be most effective when run in mono, but the heal amount being dependent on the amount of tiles on board suggest totally the opposite - when you run mono and have tiles on board, you’re likely going to win the match anyway so not in a terrific need of a healer. And when you are in trouble early and desperately need a heal to turn the game around - Alex heal will be minimal compared to what other healers could do.

I think emblems will come eventually, and scopes used on a hero are gone forever. Zircon is far superior to Alex for the role…

Congrats on Onyxes by the way. I have about 60 legendaries maxed and only 2 of them are duplicates… Onyx is among these. :slight_smile:

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I dont know what is with Onyx-es…
From the moment the first Ninja portal first opened, I collected 7 ninjas in total…
6 of them are 3x Onyx and 3x Mica… Glad that I got Zircon, so I could make something out of it (complete Ninja bonus) :stuck_out_tongue: (( what are the chances?? I trade 2x Onyx and 2x Mica for one Garnet , Cobalt or Ruby) :slight_smile:

Current plan for defense is to field : Costume Yunan - Onyx - Mica (tank) - Zircon - Onyx (reverse normal)

You get :
2x mana gen buff
2x def buff
1x Cleanse
1x Shared dmg
1x protection from dispells
1x boost health
2x dispell + prevent buffs

4 of them also have 10% dodge and 10% counter attack for 90% :slight_smile:

Was thinking that C. Kadilen wouldnt be better in my case (if I had him), since Id lack dmg. C. Yunan atleast brings strong dot along and there is a good chance, enemy will have to cleanse earlier beacuse of 2x Onyxes :slight_smile:

C:Yunan also is the only cleanser and once tank dies, he still mana gen the rest of team which is important for Ninjas :slight_smile:

Yeah, I have 14 tabards lying around. Thinking of doing a 2nd Onyx.

Just pulled Zircon today. Anyone that has him leveled that could give feedback on how powerful or overrated he is?

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Just got this ninja… Have ariel and milena both at +18 also have alexadrine at 1/1. Healer for blue which I don’t need really.
Fighter emblems ain’t too much of a issue.
Am i mad not to max this hero…


He is awesome, energy of 972 with emblems and limit break. In my defence, swapped Krampus for him and no regrets. Paired him with Onyx in my defence team. Great healer and worth all the mats, grats!!

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