Zinfandel Fueled Raiding....not a good idea

daiquiri…hahaha… why don’t I just mainline sugar.

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sadly guinness-fueled raiding vids were derailed by me needing sleep.

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Lies! Half-truths! Poooooost! :grin:

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I will make some later. My normal thought process resembles a drunk who curses so the difference should be negligible. :wink:


@Dante, who do you like/support for the NCAA tourney? My team still is in it (Clemson) but not expecting the world. Saving that for football season, lol

Thursday night was the first night I’ve watched college basketball all year. So I’m a bad person to ask…

I hadn’t watched any until semi finals of ACC tourney so I completely understand.

That was great. I laughed really hard this morning. Glad to see someone else likes to drink and play. Do it again!

Soooo…no wine involved, but while sitting at a kid’s friends Tae Kwon Do black belt test (don’t ask), I saw people in my alt alliance saying they avoided raiding 80s because they only had 70s. If the ham is right, I raid up all the time.

So I made this post about it. Apologies the audio on the 2nd vid is interrupted by my friends coming by.


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No alcholol involved in this one, at least on my end, but the leader of the alliance my alt is in wandered into my main account’s tower on a saturday night. Took her 3 tries but she got me.

Now, here is justice!

Honestly, your first board was BS and on the second raid Alby not resurecting anyone was double BS, so I can’t even blame the wine properly :smiley:

I see your leader is a fan of the Sword of Truth series? I approve.

ok, here’s two more intoxicated raiding videos, complete with 19 minutes each of the dulcet tones of my voice.

This first one is my alt account and is mostly 70s raiding.

here’s my 7DD account.

@AnjaValkyrie I had to get some of my stuff back.

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well done indeed!
I sure hope that you enjoyed the german beer that I put in the fridge for your return visit :beer::beer::hugs:

I do like having such nice guests stop by :hugs:

Like typical american tourists i take videos of everything. :wink:

However, I refuse to wear white gym shoes or cutoff jean shorts…


ROFL :laughing::laughing::laughing:
20 laughing characters …