Zinfandel Fueled Raiding....not a good idea

Was chatting with my friend for a few hours last night. Accidentally drank the whole bottle of wine. then went raiding…enjoy. NSFW language.

Raiding with Wine


Oh yah and then I used my defense slot to raid and left 3 4* up in my defense including tank…-296 cups this morning.

I do like a good Zinfandel, so I thought I would watch the video :wink: , but the link is not working…

fixed. 20 characters

I’m dying here! :grin:

Not sure which is more funny, the commentary or the fact that it was Zinfandel that brought you low.

I wish there was a hero that cleansed and debuffer simultaneously, butvthat would be too OP.

Looking forward to your next session! :wink:


If you haven’t had good Zin, then you are missing out…lol or are you saying something different?

See PM in a sec. I’m still laughing. You are awesome, you know! :grin:

This was very funny! I am starting to think I should try a drunken raid…I might actually do better than I do now, lol.

Hahahaha funniest part was 9:14… Alberich to the rescue!! No… sorry but no one wants to come back and help :joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Sadly, given how the night’s raiding had gone, I sort of knew it was coming, though hoping for the best. I also just had that happen now - two opposing heroes at 10% health, albi charged…and nothing. :frowning:

This is what happens when my wife is out of town…man I know how to live it up.



That was very entertaining, thanks a miilion!


That was epic. Lol. Loved it. (although I’m more of a single malt guy).

@Dante2377 I just stumbled across this video and have to say you are a real trooper! I don’t think I’d have so calmly taken the loss. I like swearing a little more.
Might wanna hide the video from all the people who would see those purples and blue and yell " see I told ya it ain’t random SG screws you on purpose!"
I like the stack even when the board doesn’t cooperate and I’m betting you could’ve done it with another rematch! Anyway, thanks for sharing it was awesome!


You coulvd’ve just said “Zinfandel…not a good idea”


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well often i’m not in the mood for something heavy like a cab or others, so zin hits the spot.

Please, more videos! :grin: :grin:


be careful what you ask for. Going out with a buddy to watch march madness tonight. Could be interesting…:face_vomiting:


Remember, you promised more “colorful” videos! We’ll hold you to it! :wink:

Combi Zinfandel with the paint fumes :wink:

You can do a series…Zinfandel, tequilla, daiquiri, etc., lol