Zimkitty replaces which hero?

Hi all, was lucky enough to pull Zimkitty on ToL coins. I plan to put her on my mono red team that i use on raids/wars.

Right now i am running with grazul-marjana-JF-boldtusk-elizabeth. Which of these heroes could Zimkitty replace? I was thinking that she could replace boldtusk. At fast speed she will charge faster than him and the elemental link of 4% for 6 turns can just about equal BTs heal. They both give att up but BTs higher. Zim has damage all and cleanse but i think her cleanse is redundant with grazuls skill.

OTOH, Zim can also replace grazul, Zim will heal for more but the att boost will be redundant with BT.

What do you guys think? Other reds of note are:
G. Falcon
Yang Mai (3/70)
Reuben (3/70)
Khagan (3/70)
Elena (3/70)

Can any of these help make my mono red better?

Nice roster, congrats! You have some really great heroes.

In a vacuum my first thought was Marjana. Between BT and Zim your A would always be boosted. Between BT, Zim, and Grazul you’d have a heal and red is a somewhat less durable color. This is boosted by JF D boost too. A durable red team. These diamond D’s can output A LOT damage these days.

You would lose Marjana special damage, but your constantly boosted A means your tiles do more damage so her special wouldn’t be needed necessarily. Zim is stronger to tile damage than Marjana who has a relatively low A value. Especially since her special takes 6 turns to get to max damage due to DoT. Her initial damage isn’t great compared to other snipers.

That being said I think what is most likely to happen is you have your kind of core 2-3 heroes in your red mono and the other two positions flex depending on opponents. It also allows you more flexibility and depth for wars. When a maxed hero as good as Zim is on your war bench waiting you’re in pretty good shape.

Congrats again in the summon. Good luck!


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This is true… i would like to get a harder hitting sniper. but I usually use her together with JF since they charge at the same time. I fire Marj first then JF’s fire DOT overwrites hers. I usually like to take out/target healers or minion makers first so when elizabeth fires next, she can stall everyone while i get rid of non-red tiles.

I’d experiment with swapping BT out for Zim and see how it works.