Zimkitha vs Azlar

I am really beating my self up and second guessing my self over this. I got Zimkitha and Azlar. I got enough material’s to ascend one. My current lineup is

Victor, Richard, Inari, Hansel, and Boldtusk. I am currently looking at having her replace Boldtusk on Offensive raids. Then soon hansel will be replaced with Evelyn. Then I have a full 5 star team. I am worried that Zimkitha doesn’t bring a lot of damage to the table. I am wondering for Offensive if Azlar is the better option. I have heard he hits like a run away truck with tile damage.

Personally I am not huge into titan’s but I do enjoy raiding I really like to break into Diamond Tier. I am comfortable at 2100-2300 trophies and have broken into Diamond a few times with my current lineup. I am just not sure if Zim is the way to go or if Azlar would be better. I know Azlar is suppose to be a beast on defense.

Zim on the wing opposite Inari.

Inari will be the lockdown target of Proteus or Hel. Zim is insurance.

Do you run rainbow on offense? I don’t know that either is worth the mats for your first red. Zim is probably the better of the two if you stack red heavily for offense, but is only marginally better than Boldtusk. I have both at 70 but haven’t bothered ascending yet

I have been running a rainbow on Offense typically

May i remind you of Azlar throwing napalm against everyone… :slight_smile:

Like… that’s enough for you to make the decision. I have Azlar, Zim, Marjana and Elena and even though i don’t need a new tank -like hero, i’ll still choose Azlar over others.

But ofcourse that’s just my opinion.

If you are looking for defense then Azlar would be better based on your lineup.

Zim is much better for attack.

Azlar best position would be tank or right wing.

I use both when I’m stacking red.

Id do Zimkitha, her fast dispel is awesome and she increase your attack too, the ideal Boldtusk’s replacement for raids.

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Lol, I do this all the time. I agonize over every ascension. In Zim’s case, don’t sweat it. She brings so much to the table. I’d ascend her over Azlar again and I have both. Azlar has been bumped so many times by me that he simply moves over every time a new red comes on board automatically. Not that he isn’t good. He is really good. He’s just not as useful as Zim or any of the other Reds I’ve ascended.


Ya have to go with Zim with her dispel status elements and her being fast you negate the other teams specials

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