Zimkitha thoughts?


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: well at least your honest. You wont be dissapointed in evelyn. I to am waiting to pull evelyn. She is amazing. I could find no ise for zim and quite frankly i still cant. Her cleanse is the best thing about her. But evelyn is nothing short of amazing. Im just more excited about areil. A blue 5* healer is what we need most


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Red suffers from a lack of key 5* heroes. None of the TC ones are top notch. Marjana is the best you can hope for from there.

As for special red 5*s, Gravy and Red Riding Hood are the only decent ones…and even RRH does not impress me that much. Everything about why Zim is so good has already been said, but let’s consider her against Boldtusk.

There is no comparison. First off, she has 350 more health than BT. Second, she hits all enemies while BT heals all allies. This may be a wash, but think about the third point: BT heals while giving his allies added 48% attack, while Zim herself does damage AND gives an extra 25% attack to her allies.

On top of that, her fast mana versus BT’s average mana makes her far more desirable. She will often fire her first SS before most of her allies, taking best advantage of her attack bonus. BT is almost always going to fire behind other heroes firing their first SS attack. Not good.

The best 5* healers are Guin and Delilah. If I want a healer on a top notch team, I would never consider 4* BT. Zim should work great on an all attack team or with one key healer. BT works best against titans with Wu Kong…but he may have found someone even in that environment better than he.


Seriously I think BT’s heal is better than 135% AOE attack, so I disagree with you.
Overall, I find BT’s skill more useful and it should be as his is average instead of fast


Essentially it comes down to team composition and each persons opinion. Also, depends on your raiding level as BT often doesn’t last and you don’t see him often in lower diamond tier. At least I don’t and if I do he is a target.

Also, the cleanse portion of her special did not come up. With all those GM’s and other damage over time heros this is quite a good special to have at your disposal.

PS. Still hoping to pull Zim. My red 5* consist of 2x Natalya who is good in her own right but I have a man crush on Rigard because his cleanse has saved me numerous times.


I was only referring to their skill, obviously a maxed 5* stat will be better than a 4*. For skill alone, I prefer BT’s.
You are right that my team composition does not need her. I already have Rigard and Vivica for cleanse. However, I do think that cleanse without heal is sub-optimal. Once the team needs cleansing, most of the time they also have sustain considerable damage. I would rather trade her attack for a small amount of heal, let’s say 25%.


That is a fair point. I don’t want to say my team composition needs her but she would definitely open things up for me to change things up.

I still want her…:slight_smile:


25% heal on a fast special + cleanse + stats buff would bring Vivica to extinction.


The cleansing helps keep your team from getting to that point though. Especially against heros like victor and gravemaker, the fast mana cleanse helps a lot


I’d call Ares rather decent (and a good healer as well) :rofl:


Not every time.

Actually, most of the heroes that do DOT begin with way less damage than snipers.

She has already saved my team from Gravemaker’s special more than once.

I believe she is very good, and 155% AOE damage is not that low, She is like a cleanser/buffer/self healing Hu Tao.

At least in my roster she was a great addtion.


BT’s heal may be better than Zim’s attack, but she also cleanses. And yes, BT’s better attack buff should be better because it is average speed versus Zim’s fast mana…but there’s the rub. Most players will tell you fast mana with a slightly less SS versus average (or slow) mana with a better SS is no contest. Speed wins, faster mana is preferable.


That is not true. Justice, Drake Fong, Richard, Zeline, Hel, Isarnia, and most of all, Gravy, do minimal damage but their buffs they put on the enemies are troublesome. The only hero that hits hard and leaves additional damage is Sartana.

BT has been a favorite for so long because of his huge attack pump, I can see why you find him preferable. Zim simply is far better than he because of her fast mana and 350 extra health. Even if one concedes BT’s healing and attack bonus is slightly better than Zim’s SS, his slower mana and way less health makes him inferior.

I would also add Zim is pure hate. She hits while also pumping up her team’s attack. She will find herself on fast teams with no healers. I can see this: Zeline, Zim, Hel, Magni, Drake Fong. A team that fast will care less about a healer.


Ah true, forgot about him.


I like the idea of Zeline, Zim, Victor, a healer, and a sniper. You get att buff, att debuff, defense buff, enemy dispel, and cleanse.


Zeline Zim Delilah Victor Alasie

Would be my pick for a rainbow team along those lines.


I was debating that exact team or GM in for Alasie (I’m not set on the rainbow).


That’s a terrifying all purpose team


GO AWAY!!! Why cant you support me in my zim bashing!!! Smh, and i thought we were friends.

I do know when ibraid i love seeing zim. It calms my nerves knowing i have one less dnemy to worry about.

The only thing i like about zim is her ability to cleanse from grave. But when i need cleanse as @windcar mentioned i also need healing. Rigard is the man. I have 6 of him. When i need attack up i need bt. I just have no use for a zim in my current lineup. However that is changing. I need zim for a future hero i imagine. Very fast dispels are about to be hot comodities.


That fast AoE also peels off a minion usually, and it looks like there are going to be more minions in our lives soon. Four beta heroes cast them.