Zimkitha thoughts?

Now i’m with u. That makes sense…

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See there @Kerridoc its all good. Its just a debate. I say keep it coming. If you dont challenge from different view points then no one gets the chance to contemplate the what ifs that they “may” not have thought of.

its peanut butter twix logic.

All discussion is good as long as we stick to the maxim: criticize the opinion, not the person. And follow the Forum Rules.

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Morning ladies and gents,

We went round the houses with who does, and who doesn’t like Anchor’s hero grading system last time.

The topic is Zimkitha.

Personally, I prefer Cheetarah from Thundercat.

Let’s keep it friendly or I’ll get the big padlock out.


@JonahTheBard, close the topic.

Pulled a second one on my first Atlantis pull with coins… happy

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Is it okay that I Grade Zim now? Because I followed my own advice and did pulls when Atlantis heroes came out to maximize my gems in hopes of getting heroes I actually want?


ahaha @Anchor, yes now you can XD!!
I already asked and received some suggestions…but I wanted to hear yours…between ares (which i piulled today) and Zimkitha, which one would one level as your first 5* red?

If it’s your first I would do Ares.

Ares is amazing on titans and serviceable in all areas, one of the most versatile heroes. He was a bit outclassed when Guin was made popular but ultimately you won’t regret leveling either one

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Thanks @Anchor. I have Guin as well, but she would be my first 5* yellow, and I wanted to follow your advice of NOT leveling her first…I will go with Drake

What alliance are you in?

Thanks man and i greatly appreciate your input in this forum as well, if you ever need an alliance, let me know.

Anything else, line me my id: jrigs

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I just split off a cluster of posts that had wandered into interesting territory but far from “Zimkitha thoughts”. I’m happy to have a continuing conversation about what an “objective” measure might be and how to generate such, but it doesn’t belong in this thread.

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Purely anecdotal evidence, I know, but I’ve not had such good results overnight with a tank before - used Zim flanked by Drake and Magni with two 4*

(as compared to Kashh and Drake as tank)

Will report if I get owned in future


Just got Zim today, was out for Ares or Zeline, but she came and I am loving it already, will max her no matter any review. This is a fast mana damage to all, I want that in my defense, and who knows… Might complement it with Zel. - — Zim & Zel combo.

This is a good blackfriday for me, thanks to SGG.

I just went up against Zim as tank for the first time. 4-52. Easy to kill with a pretty average board, and the rest of the team crumpled after that. Opponent had a slightly higher TP…not that it means much.

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Still maintaining lower diamond so I think she is OK. Not fantastic but solid enough for me

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