Zimkitha thoughts?

Just curious about everyones thoughts on zimkitha.

My original thoughts a month or so ago was that she was a joke in raids, titan attacks, and defense and that there was no way the developers would release her as is.

Well as expected she showed up as the hotm today. 155% damage. Her 5 star stats are on par with other 5 star attack, def, and hp. Her only decent attribute is that she can dispel status ailments.

But seriously, 25% attack increase??? Why would anyone even consider wasting all those materials to level her when bold tusk’s attack increase is almost double? I just feel she was the biggest joke to get released. The only positive thing i can see in her is that shes the first 5* i can use to train other heros for decent xp and have no guilt about it. I for one think shes a joke.

At least its nice to finally have a joke as a hotm that way im not tempted to spend money trying to draw her in the summons. Anyone else share my feelings? Honestly though, how many other heros would you rather level than her? I pick most 4*’s and all 5 *’s. Shes at the level with kadilen. Not sure if the name fits though. I think they should have named her travesty.

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First and foremost, she is fast mana. And other than snipers, her special is as good as it gets for fast mana.
Sure, she is like a jack of all trade and master of none, but if one does not have Boldtusk or Ares, her special can be quite valuable when taking into account of +25% attack and cleanse.
Also, do not underestimate her 155% in attack. Her attack stat is quite high and a fully ascended 80 in defense, can wipe off a significant amount of health in fully leveled 4* per special.
Would it be better to focus on just 3 enemies like drake (270%) instead of all? Sure, but her 3 other specials are better than drake’s blind.


Fast cleanser and even 5*. I would love to have her. With so many Bruce Lee’s and Gravediggers around.


She’s the opposite of zeline. She’s a fast mana cleanser instead of dispeller. She’s a fast AOE hitter which actually hits harder than zeline. Element link, and she buffs your team instead of weakening the enemy team. She’s good.


There are very few cleansers in the game as it is and she’s fast mana. Her stats are solid. She’s good.

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Any 5* is good. I will agree. But for the sake of 6 mystic rings, is she that good??? Those things are hard to come by and i just cant see it. There are so many better heros out there in my opinion

Well marjana is a staple red 5* and I have her. I have all the items I need to max her. If I pull zimkitha I like her much better. Zeline is incredible, this is just the truth. Zimkitha is the opposite of zeline except she hits harder AND has element link. It seems clear to me that she’s worth maxing.


Think about how well she pairs with other heroes. Offensively, defensively, whatever. Her stats are great. 700 attack, 700 defense and 1500 HP. fast mana AOE. pair her with a debuffer and a healer she’s a monster!


Maybe i just used her wrong. I couldnt find a pairing with her that helped my max’d marjana or gravemaker or other fast mana reds.

I have a fully maxed grave, little red, and marjana. Tell me how to maximize them?? I think i will just wait for a very fast red hero.

One use I would see is purely as a cleanse, mainly as an off color. For example I regularly use rigard as an off color in my raid team, solely to counter GM. I would swap that Rigard for a Zimkitha in a heart beat. And for that reason only I would asced Zimkitha over all TC20 reds atleast.


Unless u think zeline sucks (she’s very popular at the high end) then no you are wrong…

Zimkitha is the opposite/counter of zeline
Red vs green
Both are fast
Both have weak group wide damage (zimkitha is stronger)
Zimkitha increases atk (which makes her aoe stronger) zeline lowers enemies atk
Zimkitha cures group/zeline debuffs opponent
Zimkitha also has an elemental link as an extra

No one uses boldtusk at higher levels and zimkitha atk increase is basically permanant. It goes off so fast.

Saying that she’s a speciality atk hero for me. I don’t think she’s great on defense. I think she’s amazing vs heros like gravedigger where she just cleanses his dot. She counters zeline by overwriting/cleansing her atk debuff etc.


I hope more people think like you because you’ll probably underestimate my future raid defence team :joy::joy:


Where does Lion-Woman go on a defense team? Wing or flank i assume?

Anyone tried her as a tank?

She’s fast mana, damages all, and removes ailments and also a good stack with wilbur if red color stacking. I have her at 3/70, will have her maxed in few hours. Already played with her a bit, solid hero. I dont like the length of her animation but other than that very cool. If you have other hotms such as greg, and aegir then stack those 2 with her special, watch your heros effected by aegir heal hundreds of health per turn while not needing another healer just for ailment removal. Opens up an extra slot for another hero you’d like to use.

She’s not a heavy hitter as far as special skills go, but definitely a very useful hero in my opinion. Worth the 6 rings. Fast mana attack buffer ailment remover, she’s the 1st of her kind which is a big asset to a roster if utilized correctly


Really? I’m most probably giving her tank duties and demoting Kashhrek and Drake Fong to flank

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Drake is a better tank. Zim is a flank. Dont tank with zel, dont tank with zim.

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If I give her a levelled 4* troop her Health and Def will be massive and she’ll attack all enemies hopefully a few times, whereas Drake can miss 1 hero at times.

I dunno, you could be right let me experiment. I’m going to try Boldtusk in wing for the healing effect (I know she will overwrite him but the constant healing for BT might make up for it)

Timing is biggest issue with putting zim or zel in tank spot

They go off too soon and then enemy buffs or casts ailments soon after, then kill zim or zel before rhey can go off again to get rid of the buffs or ailments

Faced a few zel tanks, saw that same scenario every time. Zim is her twin basically, so will be the same problem most likely.

Just my thoughts. Testing new things is fun though, keep me posted on results please

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So many of the really good defense heroes have awful status effects (grave zeline alasie Hel justice etc) hat precious cleanse was forced to slow mana (vivica), a four star rigard (huge step down from an 80), or a limited 5 like Locke. even at 70 i’d youre down in that range you’ll see a lot of defense down heroes at the four star level.


Thanks, good points. I think the biggest difference though is Zim has fast self healing arguably.

The other factor is it’s fine for Zim or Zel to go off too soon if the board is average and worse. You stifle the opponent and they die.

Sure, if a board is good or above average, the enemy gets their specials off but I’d argue you’re doomed anyway if they get a good board.

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