Zimkitha rating?


You’re right, my bad, I was wrong about this.

But was the “misses dont give mana” a just dream? Or just on Beta way back? Now I’m curious for real haha!


Thats easy to say but try to take out all debuffs and DOT as they come at you. To say DOT is easily nullified is 100% dependent on your team and tiles. Not everyone has every kind of HOTM. I think they are equally annoying. Both buffs and debuffs can ruin your raiding day but i think the common player has to worry about both. I agree mana regen and att plus is annoying though but i counter with attack down immediately after an attack up usually and i admit i like running teams that have high tile damage to alleviate having to rely on specials exclusively. Different strokes for different E&P players. Haha


I tried

A Khiona’s ATK buff or an Alberich’s mana buff are way more treathening as if you doesn’t have a way to counter that in the next round your heroes would start to fall while with DoT you always have a second chance.

Zeline’s buff is way more hard to deal with as the lowered tile would charge foe’s mana without dealing too many damage.


Sorry but one example of YOUR experience doesnt make this true for everyone. Which ive tried to explain several times. Not everyone has the same heroes. If youre battling in Gold and Platinum and see someone like Colen all the time, Rigard is your best friend. In my experience, which ive expressed is just my opinion, I have a harder time with debuffs since i can wipe buffs out with debuffs. I am more afraid of a team in Diamond when I see Azlar, or the like, over Zeline. No sweat if you disagree, Im simply saying buffs are not universally more dangerous than debuffs for everyone.


Which makes zim perfect for you


What is that makes Azlar so scary? His DoT or the high AoE damage?

Ther’s no doubt that some buffs are harder to deal with but ther’s also no doubt that DoT (of non HOTM-heroes at least) is easier to counter when it hits due to his “slow” nature.


His face :joy::joy::joy::blush::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I agree with this. I carry Sonya and Melendor to raid with a lot of the time. I don’t have a way to remove DoT against me so Colen/Azlar are a risk.


Both? There is a reason he is slow mana. Its because if his special goes off, its a game changer. Thats the sign of a slow mana hero worth using.


I’m sorry to say that but with his speed it would be game changer just if you would attack an Azlar’s team without bringing a hero wich decrease attack, increase defense, cleanse or heal. Kiril would be the obvious 1st choice.

If someone would still play the Azlar’s game to attack without the many availabile counters and get roasted then it would be only attacker’s fault to let Azlar fire his special without being ready to counter him.

And for my question: to me his strong part is the direct damage. A big punch (high ATK and ok %) that could be hard to handle for injured heroes but his DoT is low hat it isn’t a treath.


There is nothing sweeter than firing off Azlar after grave and Zim do their thing.


Zim-kitty is Azlar’s daughter, not his girlfriend


Meanwhile, Azlar, Gravy and Zimkitty are regaining health like nobody’s business while the opponent can’t cleanse because Vivica is too slow to react (too busy holding her bottle @FishDreams)


official grade posted/video up


Yup the grading is about right. :blush:


I have her and would have to concur with this assessment. I do think her utility will come to reveal how valuable she is in allowing greater flexibility in how you arrange the skillsets of your remaining 4 characters. Fast cleanse and attack buff with a red heal that deals AoE offers endless possibilities.


Not bad as tank @Rigs since I put Rigard in wing but surely this is a fluke based on your findings


Could be viable man. Just cause something shows different for you than it did for me, doesn’t make it a fluke lol. I’m just a guy with an opinion, not an expert or anything.

Keep me posted on how it goes. Magni flank could be helpin as well though since her defense stat is one of the biggest reasons i wouldnt use her as a tank


Hey @Rigs first time I versed a Zim tank

It was actually not very hard disappointingly, I won with Rigard down.

Tell you what, I’m making Drake tank once I get a yellow 4* troop


I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen kash in an attack team

But yea if that team was easily beaten without an excellent board and using 2 healers + only 1 heavy hitter, that is a bit concerning