Zimkitha pull



I mean players who pulled a few duplicates could exchange it with others. After all we still paying for the gems…aha.


You dont see the consequences.

There would be an exchange market for heroes and all the very rare hotm would demand a very high price in heroes which in the end makes the game ptw and kills it.


At two months do you even have the mats to ascend a 5*? People always complain about not getting a 5* but mats are scarce and I’m always trying to get enough to ascend anyone which usually is followed by a long waiting period.


Noted. Thanks for the insight.


And materials are getting harder to comes by lately too!


I just started playing weeks ago an Zimkitha was my first 5* pull. Just posting here to follow thread because I’ve since drew Guardian Kong and wonder if I should focus on getting him up to par instead.


I would level Zim before Kong.


That’s a tricky one. Marjana is an awesome single target sniper. Very versatile. Zim is awesome because she is fast, tanky, hits all, increases attack, and dispels ailments. So it’s really all about what you are needing more. But zim offers more bang for your rings with her numerous specials, and the fact that she is a 5* dispeller which is really rare


Lucky you. Few weeks playing with Zim with GK in bed…lol! With her specials, I reckoned Zim is a good raider!


Dang with that typo!


SG are bringing back HOTM with Atlantis summon, how many ppl tried to get Athena ? They’re not going to kill their goose.


Of course not and that is the second very strong argument it is not going to happen. :smile:


Don’t give up!!! I waited 1 year for a good 5*

Not a bad thing waiting actually

Gives you a chance to build a 4* foundation which is crucial

Then by 1 year you should theoretically have enough mats for rainbow 5*


Took me 3 months to pull my first 5*, took me about 8 months or so to pull some worth maxing. Even if you pull some 5*, it still pays off to be picky on who you max. Too many players max 5* just because they’re 5* then dont have the mats for their preferred 5* when they get them. Patience pays off in this game


Patience and $$$$$,
If you’re willing to pay US $100 for D.Blade like epic gem sale.

I set myself a budget a month, besides 5* are great if you have them, I like Wu Kong, Wilbur, Merlin even Danzaburo . I’m not a serious player, just have fun and try to get these heroes.

Got GM from 2 token, took me atleast 150 days to max him…


Just pulled Wu Kong and Kelile. Which is a slight upgrade of Bane and Nashgar I guess.
Levelling the lousy Quintus for fun anyway.


Appreciate your insight. But I wish I could pull Magni sooner… Lol. Kinda peace of mind playing the game when you’ve got a nice 4* and 5* rainbow to start with, which I doubt will come anytime soon.
Till then, all we need is patience.


Wu is not an upgrade of any 3*, he has a very unique ability, has cult following, they are currently building a temple in Helsinki right now in dedication to his greatness. Max him ASAP. Greatest hero in this game.


Also, Alice, you are gonna want a solid 3* team with alternates (because of reflects) for events. Can’t move on to the epic portion until you beat the rare! (At least i don’t think you can, someone correct me if I’m wrong!)


Every Day. Zim. You must ascend her if she’s your only one.