Zimkitha pull

I just did a legendary 10× pull for Victor and got all 3* heroes and got Zim on the bonus…

What do you guys think of Zim?

I know…I know…lucky to get her on just one 10× pull lol

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I’m in the boat as you (a pretty darn good boat if I may say so, as well). I’m wondering the same thing. I believe she will be pretty good, but curious what other’s thoughts are.

It seems to me very poor, after Aegir the worst hotm, I do not know where Sg goes.

Fast mana, damage all, dispell all alies and heal element link. Sounds good in my books


Seems quite good for both offense and defense I would bet. Good stats and it seems SG has buffed her beta-version a little (+20% special skill damage)

Not too many heroes dispell status ailments, and only two unlimited heroes do so(Vivica & Rigard). She also has elemental link healing while buffing attack for everyone so I bet she would be useful even for nature titans if you dont use bold tusk


damage to all, but damage less than 3 * and no dot. Attack all, but the poorest of the game and then, cure states, as several of 4 * more useful.

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Seriously u pull 10x and get victor and bonus zimkitha?

There are only 4* Rigard, which cute status elements from allies. Others are 5*. And those aren’t fast mana. All 3* heroes, which hit all are slow mana.
I think, Zimkitha is good 5* hero. Not must have, but still good.


No…I tried to get Victor…but got Zim on the bonus

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I got victor and zim too on a 10x pull

Lucky L…U…C…K…Y!!

She seems to be good now have to play around and see what heroes will work good with her

I just pulled her and I think she might make a decent tank.

Curious whether she’ll clash with my Boldtusk

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Congrats! I spent my remaining gems on 3 10x pulls, didn’t got her. Got Victor though!

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You need to think of her overwrite capabilities in addition to the cleaning. She can reverse Zeline’s attack debuff and turn it into a +25% buff. Boldtusk gives more buff but Zim is sturdier. She isn’t the best HOTM but I see enough utility to give her rings.


I wouldnt mind the HOTM but the ascention mats are hard to get after nine months of having Natalya she is on the home stretch it took that long to get mystic rings … good luck

You need to understand game mechanics before you make misleading statements like this. Damage depends on the product of the attack special and the attack stat. With Zimkitha, that’s 155% * 714 = 1107. This makes her attack slightly better than Zeline’s (143% * 764 = 1093), also a fast-mana AoE Hero. And I don’t hear anyone saying Zeline is underpowered.

The real question about Zim is not her attack power but whether her extras are really value-add. Cleanse is huge, as we see more and more heroes that attack with powerful DoT or status ailments (e.g. GM, Drake, Victor). The attack bonus is nice but relatively weak and risks overwriting better bonuses. Her red-link Heal is a nice plus (24% over 6 turns). Careful team composition is required.

So I see Zim as a more defensive version of Zeline. Not quite as good overall, I think, but still very solid. Somewhere in the A-/B+ range.


That fast cleanse is what draws me to Zim… Plus I’d like to marry her with my future tank, Azlar…:rofl:

O, and 2x10 Elemental pull didn’t get me the HOTM. Got Wu & Vivivca, which are still missing from my roster. Only need Joon now to complete the Holy heroes I want. Rest became fodder for Drake… He’s rightly happy now :grin::grin:

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I have Nat, GM, and Zim…I got them in that order…I got Nat up to 3/62 when I pulled GM and went all the way with him and gave him the rings…he’s the only Fire hero I have fully ascended.

Not sure if I’m going all the way with Zim just yet with giving her rings…just in case Atlantis create a Fire hero stronger than her.

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She looks good. She will be valuable if she is your only high stat red hero.
My only problem with her is she does not pair well with Ares or boldtusk due to overwriting abilities. I see her stat has been buffed from 135% in beta to 155%.
She will do well together with Gravemaker I supposed.

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