Zimkitha or Grazul

Who gets the Mystic Rings?

I have 4 Rings at the moment, and was all set to ascend Grazul until I pulled Zimkitha on a lucky Atlantis pull!

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Personally, I would go with Zim.

I have both and found zim more useful than grazul

I don’t have Grazul but do understand why she is fantastic.
However, if I face a Grazul in a raid/war, I don’t really have a problem killing or dispelling her.
Zimkitha has screwed me over too many times, and just doesn’t seem to die sometimes, she is very much like Seshat and can be a one woman army

Personally I’d say Zimkitha.

Personally… fast red cleanser if you face GTV = very useful
Very fast red ailment blocker if you face GTV = invaluable

I think you have alternative options for Zim (e.g. go red/purple and use C Rig) but as of now nothing can really replace Grazul (Malosi is good, but only affects one)


Well, Grazul isn’t really a defense team hero due to AI not being able to time her.

I think one consideration is which hero is more useable at 3/70. Grazul is probably more useable at 3/70 since you can get her off in 6 tiles with a lvl 11+ mana troop so maybe max Zim first. Eventually ofc max Grazul too


This sentiment is exactly why Zim edges out Grazul for my choice. It gives Zim just that little bit of extra versatility.

In my honest opinion, you need to max both
But first focus on Zimkitha
Whichever hero you choose
Good luck

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Thanks for the advice everyone.

Both will definitely get ascended, just trying to prioritise as it will take me a while to collect those 8 rings

I think Zim is more useful than grazul


This :sunglasses:

There are more available cleanses heroes than those who provide proteccion against status aliments.

So if you have a mana red troop lvl 11 or above id do Grazul without doubt.

Zimi is so good , hope you get soon more rings to do her too

Haven’t read anyrthing but the topic, Zim 100% :smile:

I use both on offense vs GTV teams and it’s working great. But I agree with most people here in saying Zimkitha first as she can be more versatile. She’s got the second highest attack stat for my red heroes so I use her vs green titans and that cleanse always comes in handy. Grazul is pretty damned cool though.

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