Zimkitha - no loss of life in Tavern Legend

The hero does not lose his life on the last level of the quest.
This is the effect of the players who obtained the updates 33
I have sent a confirmation on YT for review.

She is loosing HP, but her spirit link heals more than the damage you inflict…
Try to avoid sending so much tiles on her and kill her with specials, in that team you should have placed glenda between 2 damage dealers…
I also recommend stacking colour so de tile damage output is bigger than the hp she heals…


It is not my fight, but I don’t remember it being so indestructible.

It is because in the Tavern, the latest bosses have so much HP. So even tho the elemental link only gives you a 4 % heal, this can easily mean 150 - 200 HP healed per round, when bosses in the highest stages have around 4.000 HP.


It’s not a bug. Her elemental link generates life every turn. The damage dealt is been nullified by that. You HAVE to stack colours against her, otherwise she is almost impossible to kill.


Thanks for the answer, you’re right

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